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{Fic} untitled MCU - CA:CW fix-it

I have a lot of frustrating feelings, okay?

Never thought I’d write a response to CA:CW. At this point I have to say outright that I hated Civil War. I wrote about it during my initial reaction post last year. I haven’t watched it again since then, I just keep making faces at the title when I see it come across Netflix. But I still have ~feelings~ about things.

So here is a gen fic replacing most of the Siberia scene. Never thought I’d write something based out of CW canon events, but I will note that I have to, for my own conscience, omit Peter Parker’s involvement in the film. (1 - He’s a goddamn kid and Tony’s whole motivation given at the beginning of the damn film was about feeling responsible over a young man’s death. 2 - Spiderman was super shoehorned into the film.)

No title. Gen. Un-beta’ed. No battles. Still lots of emotional hurt in a Tony and Steve (and Barnes) confrontation.
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ME: Andromeda - Update

First patch was released yesterday and already it's pretty significant improvements. There's more to come (thankfully):

After the update and I loaded my game (I decided to replay from about Chapter 7), I hardly recognized my Ryder with the eyes update. (OMG thank you. Of all face updates to do, that was my immediate requirement.) Weirdly, this update is now showing [NUM #] next to all my dialogue options. So that's mildly irritating. 9_9

As I was reading up on patch notes while installing yesterday, I read a pretty good article covering the update and the statement I linked above. I don't regret investing my time and money already - I genuinely really, really love the game - but I very much agree with the argument that ME:A seems like an early access game. Now I'm an obsessed nut ball so I know I'll be playing this game to obsessive completion several times. That things will keep improving makes me thankful (unlike the continued graphics issues of ME3 that make me cringe). However, I'm hoping that people's upsets and complaints about the early access-like quality needing so many patch rollouts may yield some sort of free bonus content/DLC/SOMETHING to acknowledge the players who invested in this game right away.

Considering the game as a pre-access game, I easily give it perfect score. As a game supposedly full release, I still give it a high 8/10. I can't make myself go lower, really, because characters and story are primary factors for me and I really enjoy everything presented.

The area I'm still not happy with is how taxing the game is on my system. I know laptops aren't the best for lots of gaming, but it's done me well with all other games (besides things that just generally suffer gigantic bugs - I'm looking at you Typing of the Damned).

Otherwise? Minor complaints:

- Thanks for the skipable travel between planets. Now please make the travel between galaxies skipable and most important: skip the landing/takeoff sequences of the Tempest!

- A way to mark on the map where you've been when it comes to camps/sites/etc. (OMFG when trying to do the tasks and no longer having an idea where you've looked.)

- Additional skills or things to upgrade for teammates? Cuz it's pretty damn easy to max all five options. Now I'm at level 62, having trouble deciding what the hell to level for myself (I have my favorite things and haven't changed 'em), and my squad has a couple dozen points each with nothing to invest in.

- Better indication when dialogue updates. Once a topic has been discussed once, it's always grayed out. Some of those topics will update many times throughout the game but it's hard to guess when.

- LET ME TURN OFF SAM'S FLIPPING UPDATES ABOUT HAZARD STATUS AND MINING NOTES. (OMFG I don't know why Voeld is the only place that you can't clear up the hazards, but it drives me fucking NUTS to constantly having Sam going "pathfinder the temperature is dropping / pathfinder the readings are now normal / pathfinder I am reading an extreme temperature drop.") The mining thing is also extremely annoying. Just shuddup, please!

Wee personal complaint: Does the romance with Vetra really have to be so beyond sappy? I love Vetra, I really do, and I'm so grateful for gay turians in space, but the dialogue is honestly sickeningly sweet.
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Mass Effect: Andromeda

I started playing Day One and just finished this morning. I invested 87 hours (so far) and reached level 62 at completion. I have a handful of missions remaining to hit what I believe is 100% completion of the game.

And my verdict: I really enjoyed this. A LOT.

Customization system for player model is totally bum, though. Super limited and disappointing. (At least i like the hairstyles?) The eyes are what really bugs me. Constantly you see the whites of the eye around the irises, it looks weird. If I could just adjust the eyelids things would have been fine. Also, the coding they did for the eyeliner doesn't line up right? It's weird. Oh, and the scar options suck, they just look like smeared paint that didn't get washed off properly.

Easily ranks about ME1 because I really fell for all the characters right away in this game. ME1, on the other hand, had so much it needed to do with universe- and lore-building that I felt like characters didn't get full depth. (If you look back at previous ME posts, I note that I loved Wrex from the start, but no one else really captured my interest in ME1. Wait, Tali also intrigued me.) In contrast, I knew immediately from the first Vetra scene that I wanted her for my romance interest. Instant love, and it never wavered. The entire crew is awesome, though.

One last spoiler-free note: I really liked seeing a better diversity within the species. Expanding beyond male gendered NPCs! Better representation of individual interests and histories of species! Whee~!

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Whatever complaints people might have (I haven't cared to read up on any), it can't be over a lack of content.

Go play it! If you don't want to pay full price, go ahead an wait a bit, but I think it was totally worth the $72 I dropped for the preorder.
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{Fic} Choices Seal Our Fate - Masterpost | SPN | (Gen) Sam, Jo, Crowley

Choices Seal Our Fate
Posted for sammybigbang
Fandom: Supernatural
Relationships: Gen - Sam Winchester & Jo Harvelle, Crowley & Sam Winchester, Jo Harvelle & Crowley
Characters: Sam Winchester, Crowley, Jo Harvelle, Ellen Harvelle, Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, Castiel, Gabriel, Lucifer
Rating: Teen
Word Count: ~81,500

Art: Masterpost on Livejournal and Tumblr
Summary: Dean and Sam Winchester split ways in the wake of Lucifer's rising. When his last conversation with Dean leaves Sam convinced there's no hope of reconciliation, Sam sets out to find his redemption in stopping Lucifer on his own.

Little did he know that he would find companionship with an old friend, Jo Harvelle, and the King of the Crossroads during his pursuit.

All 17 chapters + epilogue currently only available on AO3

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NaNo complete, and first draft complete

I wrote the epilogue for my story last Friday, so the final days of November were spent doing a full proofing, fill in missing transitions, and get initial revisions done. I now have a completed first draft for "Choices Seal Our Fate." It clocks in over 83k words (how much over depends if I look in Scrivener or Word).

For the moment, I've signed up for sammybigbang to post this story. With how excited I am about this, though, I'm starting to question if I want to post earlier. Before I do anything, I want to be sure I get other eyes on this.

Anyone reading this interested in doing some beta-ing? (Key things I ask my betas for are: plot flow, plot holes, and characterizations. There's also some wording questions with this one.) Or, can anyone point me in the direction of finding a beta? I've not been active in SPN fandom for years.
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On a positive note

Thank you friends for your support and cyber hugs. It means the world to me. I know I'm not good at reciprocating as I don't tend to catch up on my flist posts, but know that I care for you greatly.

Since I mix my posts on tumblr with distractions and humor and positive things, I figured I needed something happier over here, too.

I'm working on National Novel Writing Month as usual, though it's a struggle. I decided, though, that I'm going to have an additional motivator to keep me going. Instead of a NaNo winner shirt this year (I'm not particularly fond of the design), if I finish I'll find a new Supernatural t-shirt. Possibly a Crowley one... or track down a second copy of one of my favorites I already own - the Harvelle Roadhouse or Singer's Salvage shirt. Both were bought when I was a little smaller and being in an apartment building, well, our washers/dryers don't always have the best track record with maintaining the quality of clothing.

Now I better go boot up my Write-or-Die program and work on getting my word count back up to speed.

Need encouragement

Does anyone want to jam Supernatural early story-arc style?

The election has sucked so much life out of me that every day is a massive struggle right now, all the moreso when it comes to writing for NaNo. My motivation is lacking, largely due to the extreme heartache that keeps pulling my attention. Writing is usually very... mm, soothing? and I could really use the steadiness of NaNo writing. But I'm having a hard time being accountable to myself and just overall feeling discouraged about my project. I'd really appreciate encouragement. So does someone want an early look? There's ~46k of revised (though not proofed) story plus the several thousand new words written this month.

(Revising and aiming to finish my project from NaNo '14, a canon divergent and adaptation of Supernatural season 5) Dean and Sam Winchester split ways in the wake of Lucifer's rising. When his last conversation with Dean leaves Sam convinced there's no hope of reconciliation, Sam sets out to find his redemption in stopping Lucifer on his own. Little did he know he would find companionship with an old friend, Jo Harvelle, and the King of the Crossroads during his pursuit.

Snippet from NaNo project

I'm posting updates and the occasional snippet for my project on my Tumblr, but also wanted to give a little exposure to it here as well.

I'm freaking the fuck out over election stuff and need some positive things posted right now.

Have what’s my favorite scene from Choices Seal Our Fate. It’s a single scene I wrote last year (when the image came to me) rather than the project’s main year in 2014.

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Because it bears repeating - Clusterfuck 2016

I legitimately don’t get how anyone with a lick of sense or common decency can possibly support Trump.

I know with near certainty that no one who follows my tumblr/et al. supports Trump, but I’m at the point where if I find out someone I know and who supposedly cares about me supports Trump and knows about his sexist, racist, Islamaphobic, xenophobic statements and belief… Get the fuck out.

I’ve watched a lot of Colbert, Trevor Noah (and the Daily Show crew - they’re fucking awesome), and now adding Samantha Bee and a bit of Seth Meyers to the mix. Because I have to fucking laugh or I will scream.

Most mornings at my office before class, the three of us keep returning to the fact that each of us legitimately will probably need to leave the country if Trump wins, at the very least to save our sanity.

I’m white and a born citizen, I definitely have advantage and privilege. But I still feel very personally attacked by the hatemongering bullshit ignorance spewed from Trump’s camp, the very heart of everything. I fear for myself as a woman, as a young adult skirting a bit above the poverty line, as a hopeful future parent, as an educator, as a person whose job is immersed in immigrant communities, as a resident of the Twin Cities which is hugely diverse, as a queer woman, and as a person with significant health issues.

The people I love and support and get up every weekday morning to teach are in significant jeopardy and it makes me so angry and hurt and exhausted and fearful. I’ve gotten stronger in defending myself over the years, but those who know me well know that the way to really get me fired up is to threaten the people I consider under my care. I’m not likely to punch someone for the sake of myself, but I damn well would to protect my family, my friends, my students.

So real talk - the U.S. is exclusively a two-party system when it comes to the presidential election. Quite honestly, if you vote third party this election is as bad as not voting. This election is going to be fucking close, whichever way it goes, and You Need To Vote. If you care about women, families, people of color, anyone part of the LGBTQA+ community, people of any faith - you need to vote Hillary Clinton. If you don’t like her as a person, fine. If you need to think of it as voting for the lesser of two evils, fine. I don’t really care how you frame it. But do not fucking help elect Trump.