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So there's writing in my future ;)

Writing in my future and OMG my muses are staying in the shadows as I poke around. I want to write, damn it, but as soon as I consider sitting down to write, it's like I freeze up. X_x I think I'll need to employ write-or-die to get going. (That, or maybe when I start panicking and rushing to move that'll be when I regain the ability to write. *rolls eyes*)

My current sign-ups: sabriel_mini w00t! spnraritiesfest Assignments in July. hc_bingo let's rock it!

Fandom poll yields results! (Well, getting results is the aim, yeah?) It's kinda interesting to note the votes so I thought I'd list them out in order of popularity. :)

15 Criminal Minds (Hmm, are you people wanting more Shook the Bones? *suspicious*)
14 Supernatural (This fandom's got its hooks into me!)
12 The Mentalist (Reeeeally need to finish Roses Are Red. I also have a "5 times" Cho/Jane fic in the works)
09 Firefly (Been a while, but I'd love to write again. My OTP of Mal/Simon needs some love.)
08 Burn Notice (Haven't tried writing this fandom, yet, but it's such a fun one, y'know?)
07 Leverage (Another haven't-written fandom! Could probably pull off short!fic for it...)
06 CSI (Y'all know my OTP is Gil/Greg, yeah? ;D Talk about a long time no write...)
05 Eureka (Well I have a "sexswap" square for bingo... I have a story started from years ago...)
05 National Treasure (Ok, there's too little Ben/Riley fic. I'll try to figure something out.)
04 Final Fantasy VII (Awesome! I do love to obsess over these games.)
03 The Dead Zone (Only 3 people, really? *tear* Can't remember when I last wrote, but I'm probably due.)
02 Resident Evil (Now I have to figure out which media form!)
01 Harper's Island (I want to rewatch this... again. :3 )
01 Fringe (I'm behind an entire season... but I want to write Astrid fic. Or Astrid/Peter. Cuz I roll that way.)
01 X-Men [specifically First Class] (Wooo!)

Point is, I have a nice variety to choose from and it looks like from my flist alone I'll have a solid core of readers. ;) Thanks so much for voting, everyone! I am still totally looking for plotbunnies - more than just a single line or pic for inspiration... more like a loose outline or summary-ish thing I could work with.