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Scifibigbang - Um, yeah. *facepalm*

So I signed up to author a Eureka story for the scifibigbang comm (on LJ). Author sign-ups end on June 30 (tomorrow). However, there is also artist sign-ups (for vids, manips, drawings, whatever). After taking a look at the author masterlist, I may sign up to do one piece. Don't want to get overwhelmed, though... But I recommend any artists/vidders/etc. to please take a look and consider contributing.

Posting this to let everyone know I'll be doing a 25,000 word fic for Eureka. Definitely main pairing will be Nathan Stark/Jack Carter, though it'll start off pre-relationship I'm sure. I'll need a lot of encouragement/cheerleading for this. *facepalm* Since I'm also signed up to start a fic for [info - community]trek_exchange  pretty quick. That I'll have a prompt (or a few) to work from. With the Big Bang fic, I'll be choosing my own. Still debating what it might be.

I'm thinking I should see a minimum word count requirement for myself each day. If I can start out now, the minimum word count can be pretty low and I'll still be good. Not yet mentioned, of course, is the Trek fic "Folded and Unfolding" - a.k.a. the blind!Kirk fic. And this gender!bent Eureka fic that's not-really-crack for [info - personal]classics_geek . Yeah. I need to finish some things before going to anything new...


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Jun. 29th, 2009 04:45 pm (UTC)
*cheerleads* :DD

Also, Folded and Unfolding is such an awesome title - it has to be said.

And? Just replied to your email, then went to take a quick peek at scifibigbang - and now I am tempted by signing up for Eureka as well. So I have twenty-four hours to make a kinda big decision. *facepalm* Leaning towards "yes" at the moment.

Jun. 29th, 2009 04:56 pm (UTC)
*snickers* Well I need your cheerleading. And I'll totally cheerlead for you, too. And if you promise to do some sort of Eureka fic for me, I'd say don't force yourself to deal with the pressure of the big bang challenge. =p

And now it looks like I might start reading Sentinel fics again because SciFi's amazingly having a marathon for the series. =D Love it~!
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