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Lists & Outlines, Oh My!

Things I managed to accomplish today:
- Remembered there's another class I need to fit in to graduate (damn it.)
- Wrote to my advisor asking about student teaching credit for my fall teaching
- Went to rental office: 1) Found out I'll get pet deposit when I move. 2) Confirm I need to advertise apartment on my own to get replacement tenant to take the rest of my lease.
- Paid July rent
- Packed 5 boxes of books & DVDs (not sure how many more I'll need)
- Decided I'm going to cancel going to Geek Girl Con, just more practical this way.

Fandom (writing)

I figured out the other night that a Mentalist fic (file titled "oh injury") will work for a hc_bingo prompt. I'm gonna go with "unconsciousness." Not sure how long it will be, though it's already sixish pages, Van Pelt's (3rd person) POV, with her and Jane in trouble.

Nothing has gripped me yet for SPN writing, though I'm gathering prompts and occasionally a bit of a scene runs through my brain. The most success I've had is an attempt at an outline. On the plane yesterday I started outlining a story based on Amnesia: The Dark Descent (I recommend TobyGame's playthrough on YT). Focus on Sam and Gabriel, so if things go well maybe this will be my sabriel_mini story. As I've been turning the idea over in my mind, I'm thinking it's an AU bit set in late S5 as some sort of attempt to break Sam down to say "yes." IDK for sure. May also draw on Silent Hill elements. I'm in a horror mood. :p

Even though things are going to get busy very quickly in July, I'm starting up the SPN watching (OMG it's been 2 weeks!!) with J now that I'm back in MN. I'm gonna do my best to stay up-to-date with Burn Notice and Leverage (hopefully R&I, too) this summer.