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Mission accomplished! Finished Season 5

SPOILERS if you haven't seen SPN S5, but not lj-cutting given how long it's been since the first airing.

Last night J and I finished the last five episodes of SPN s5. (And I was chatting with qbiggerthanlove most of the time, occasionally flailing and also clinging to her as I dealt with all the EMOTIONS the episodes brought on.)

- "Hammer of the Gods" was a brilliant episode. Still broke my heart, damn it, but so much hilarity in there as well. Some absolutely brilliant lines in there, in particular from Kali and Gabriel. I love that there's finally some acknowledgement of other religions and deities. What? It's not THE Apocalypse! Odin was so proud and excited about getting eaten by Fenrir. XD But why did they have to kill Ganesh? ;_; I admit I have a soft spot for Hindu gods.

- Season finale, "Swan Song," had some great filming/editing. I liked the Impala's history linking the plotline. The mirrors used with the Lucifer-Sam conversations were great. And oh man. Just all the tidbits about YED's monitoring Sam throughout his life... eerie but makes so much sense, too.

- I knew I would love Crowley. I adore Mark Sheppard and have always enjoyed him wherever he shows up. The ending eps of S5 just cemented the fact that I love his character. Unapologetic, manipulative while being truthful, and just all around awesome. I do think he and Sam could bond over anger issues. XD Also, he and Bobby are a perfect match, they're totally best mates in my headcanon now.