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SPN takes over

Jeez, when exactly did I start writing my sabriel_mini? I think MAYBE a week ago, but possibly less. Anyway as of this moment I've topped 10,100 words! OMFG WHUT? It's insane how this thing has grown! So since I'm already doing my best to write daily, I've signed up for the next round of gsd_rtfn. Hoping to finish this thing! XD Chatting with qbiggerthanlove has been helping immensely, if just to be able to bemoan the uncooperative character moments. J ended up being the one to find Gabriel's symbology and sigil, whee! Also, there has got to be sexytimes for Gabriel and Sam at some point in my fic because the fade-to-black thing comes a little later each scene I write. :p

Still related to SPN, look at the gorgeous icon I'm using! :D By the loverly gallicka, I recommend all of her graphics, she does a lot of fandoms.

In other news: Crossing my fingers that I actually have someone to take over my lease. Tomorrow I'm giving in and investigating professional movers to move me at the end of July. Next week I start a damn HRD required class, which I'm somehow fitting into two straight weeks of class from 5-8:30pm. Urgh. Only 4 more days of volunteering (and training time for teaching) before the monthlong furlough! :o After classes today I chatted with the Hmong student from Laos for about 30 minutes. Absolutely loved talking with her and it was a lot of fun.