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Anyway, it's Friday. Really it is, right? My days are so off this week what with moving, the change to a new month, and not having volunteering/work!

Moving: Exhausting (as to be expected) but the movers were really great and finished in 3.5 hours! I was impressed and so very grateful. It's was a disgustingly humid day. I'm about 2/3 unpacked. The kitchen boxes make up most of what's left, but I also need to get my wall shelves up so I can get my pictures (and figures) unpacked and on dislay!

Class Wrap-up: Very slow-going, but I did it! It took me about 12 hours from start to finish yesterday to do it xD I could hardly sit still and focus for five minutes at a time throughout that time, so it was kind of ridiculous. I did entertain myself by creating a case study that involved Singer County Police Department with police chief Eric Kripke, and Winchester Consulting. *whistles innocently*

Stuff: I did get to see my chiropractor and acupuncturist this week and while that has definitely helped, I'm still having some awful issues with my left shoulder and my neck. :( It's just gonna take a while to get everything sorted, I think. // I have someone to take my lease! Well, two people actually. See, I'm a kind-hearted and try to be fair-minded person so the dude who first replied needs to have a cosigner so that needs to be checked out... there is a nice gal who's already been approved but she replied a day+ after the dude... and the guy's living out of his car right now. Soooo I'm kind of sympathetic and want to give him a chance even though this postpone things until probably midweek next week. Praying it goes well.

Fic: Title ideas continue to escape me and I think I'm finally approaching the point where it's appropriate to have a title! Current word count is just under 29,000. O_O I'm finishing up the latest round of gsd_rtfn, we're about midway through, plus I've signed up for the finish-this-mini! challenge specific for us sabriel_mini writers. That starts this Sunday an runs through the following weekend.

I want to finish~~! I really hope to wrap this story up before qbiggerthanlove heads off to the lovely Carolina beaches. At the very least she'll have to help me plan out through the end so I can survive without her constant presence. xD Rough drafts for the challenge are due the 26th. I'll be in Milwaukee at that point since (a) my mom will be a few days out of knee replacement surgery, and (b) that's my mom's birthday. :p I have to check when the spnraritiesfest is due since I'm hoping to hold off writing that 'til I'm done with this "mini". (Also, I'm considering doing a combo write-draw for it, depending on how long that story ends up being. I have a bit of an idea of what I'll be doing. Hint: Fluffy and humorous, possibly a bit cracky.)