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So maybe I'm getting a bit cocky...

I have the rest of my sabriel_mini (which is totally NOT mini) outlined and if I actually set myself down and write I'm betting I can finish it in a week. xD It's over 35,000 words now and I'm guessing it'll end around 40k (probably over).

So all this writing has made me happy and rather giddy so I'm kind of looking at the big bangs out there, because honestly there's plenty that aren't on the insane end of requirements... I've actually compiled a list of what I might be interested in. xD

kink_bigbang 12k min, sign-ups close Aug 31 (rough drafts Sept 30, final draft Nov 30, posting in Dec) ANY kink - including my main kinks: first-time/get-together fics and amnesia!fic

spnslashbigbang 15k min, sign-ups close Sept 1 (rough drafts Jan 1, posting in March) slash!

angstbigbang 10k min, sign-ups close Sept 1 (rough drafts Jan 9, posting March) angst

cwbigbang 12k min, Sign-ups close Oct 1 (rough drafts Oct 31, posting in Dec) CW/WB shows only

witchesbigbang 10k min, Sign-ups close Oct 1 (rough drafts Jan 20, Posting in March) must center on witches

big_bigbang 40k min, sign-ups close ? (rough drafts Oct 14 req 50% done, Nov 21st due) anything goes

gabriel_bigbang sign-ups start Sept 16

spn_reversebang Writers can't claim/start til later

bigbangbuffet (themed round to be determined)

As I look at them now, angstbigbang and witchesbigbang are lowest on my choices. big_bigbang is also pretty low given the word requirement. The most appealing... so I'm probably gonna sign up... is kink_bigbang (however, cwbigbang and spnslashbigbang are high on the list, too - if sign-ups for gabriel_bigbang were closer, I'd grab that immediately)



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Aug. 12th, 2011 04:00 am (UTC)
*lurker is delurking* I swear, I've meant to comment sooner because I got back into SPN around the same time you started posting about the fandom and coming off an art high from crossbigbang I started looking around at a bunch of other big bangs. The spn_reversebang caught my eye because it's been promoted everywhere and I think the idea behind it is super nifty, however if you're looking to keep momentum going off of the sabriel_mini then the later start time for writers might be a big negative. The thing that I've noticed about multi-fandom big bangs like kink_bigbang (though not that one specifically, I haven't checked it out before) is that it's little harder for rarer fandoms, since they can kinda get lost in the shuffle depending on how big the, er, big bang is but for a fandom like Supernatural, that's not really an issue. /ramble

tl;dr - Big Bangs will eat your soul, seriously.
Aug. 12th, 2011 04:14 am (UTC)
*snickers* Well I'm rather giddy with the whole thing right now because I've failed at like... I think 4 BB attempts in the past few years and dropped out of two different exchanges. I do think that the momentum at the moment is rather hopeful, though, and pressing to write every day no matter what (when I was moving, I got like 32 and 47 words done during two days)... IDK!

The "negative" for the kink_bigbang is specifying the kink for the focus. xD Soooo I might actually lean to one of the SPN (or CW) ones since I have a couple story ideas bouncing around and my cheerleader was intrigued by one of the thoughts. (Psst, I really want a SPN-Silent Hill inspired/fusion/crossover fic.)
Aug. 20th, 2011 02:10 am (UTC)
I think you were SO RIGHT when you said SPN would swallow you up.

By which I mean: DO THEM ALL.
Aug. 20th, 2011 02:31 am (UTC)
LOL! Hey, it'll be pushing it getting in time for one amongst lesson planning, teaching, and whatever hell class requires of me. :p So I'll choose ONE and it'll probably be SPN slash or the CW shows big bang... Gives me flexibility of themes/genres cuz I'm really wanting something horror-esque... like... Silent Hill influence sort of thing. ;) I don't know quite yet. Need to wrap up the minibang fic and do my fest assignment before I start hashing out more detailed ideas. (Plus I'm waiting for Q's return from vacation for chatting :3 )
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