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So this was awesome

I've been poking around at SPN boxsets because they're a nice price at the moment. (I'd first seen them on Amazon, 1-5 around $20, though similar prices are found elsewhere; bluray versions also on sale.) But I discouraged myself. I kept looking back at it, however, since I've been browsing Amazon for teaching supplies recently and my default wishlist inludes the SPN sets. XD Then I decided to look at bundle price for S1-5 on ebay to see if there was a cheaper method than buying the on-sale sets separately.

Well, I happened upon an auction with only 40 minutes left. I bid. I WON! For $84 (which includes the s/h), I am getting seasons 1-2 on DVD and seasons 3-5 on bluray, plus "John Winchester's journal." :o CRAZY! And that fun buy has to last me through most of this semester, cuz I've already spent about $65 on teaching supplies and there are usual required costs each month and holidays are coming up. @_@ All of this without getting paid and relying on student loans. ;;^^

Can I please be employed soon?