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NaNoWriMo update

Managed to catch up last night! So I reached 10,017 over the weekend - right on target! Whew. That makes me 20% done! *dances* Still a lot to go and I still have a crazy amount of other things going on, but I remain hopeful.

I'm seeing several readers of "Where All My Journeys End" that like Lucifer a lot so I should start warning you ahead of time that Lucifer is very much not a nice guy in this 'verse. I know that should be obvious from the original story, but it's definitely getting more explicit and intense in the sequel. Michael's not shown in a favorable light either. At the moment Pamela's not reacting real well, but I'm trying to keep it within reason (she has good reason to be extra prickly about angels), plus this is a very very very rough draft.

My file for Journeys End sequel (entitled "j-end sequel") is about 40 pages right now since I had several thousand words written last month before NaNo began. I have only fleeting ideas about what's to come. Much of the new material has been guided by frantic word sprints done through Write-or-Die (my saving grace for sure). Crowley hasn't made an appearance yet, besides being mentioned. Castiel/Dean material isn't really in existence yet, it's a side plot that's been pushed aside largely but will probably factor in at some point. Oh, and there might actually be sex in this fic. :o That's where the scene I was writing last night has started going towards. It's been a while since I've written any of that xD So yeah. We'll see how that goes. And how horrible is might be, in which case I'd be going back to my habit of face-to-black. I'll probably still do a draft, though, since it would give me word counts! \o/

Alright, time to get ready for work. (Actually in that area... I attended MinneTESOL this weekend and while requesting sample copies of texts from vendors - apparently a really good trick to learn! - the gal with the Azar grammar books that I was going to buy through Amazon, I got them! For FREE! Two textbooks, student workbook, teacher guide, and the chart book! Definitely a minimum of $100 worth of books. FREE! I have put my names in those books before taking them to work. SO EXCITED!)