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Ugh my head hurts! At about 6 this morning I woke myself up by ramming the left side of my forehead against the wall. The concrete wall. >.< I was awake for a while, it took a long time to fall asleep, and I ended up putting biofreeze on my neck & jaw as well as taking some medication. Four and a half hours later I'm fully awake and getting ready for the day and I'm hurting again. Totally taking meds to work so I can take them at lunch, hope I can keep this all at bay.

I have THREE more days to call myself "teacher" - until I get an official job. I'm really sad. :( I'm going to miss my students sooooo much, even though I'll be back in January as a volunteer again with the same class. It's just... the returning teacher, who I was student teaching in place of, knows all of three (maybe four?) of the students who regularly come. There's about eight other students who show up fairly regularly. I'm like "I have to write you notes about everyone!" (And that is one of my tasks this week.)

Students have class tests this week, first for speaking/listening, then for reading/writing. I wrote that up this weekend and once I get into work I'll have to run off copies. I haven't decided exactly how I'm supposed to grade these, but it'll work out. Tomorrow they have to do standardized tests. But Wednesday will be party day, I'll have progress reports to conference individually, and... it's my last day. O_O After work I'll head back to the apartment, do last minute packing, and then it's off to the airport to go home for the holidays. Since I've no job to come back to, I'm staying in Wisconsin for the rest of my break and won't be returning til January 14th.

Then it's nose to the grindstone: two online classes (5 credits) - one of which is through Hamline since I got fucked over by UMN and my department's idiotic requirements - and an additional class at the U so I can keep my student loans (aka my finances). It should be a good class, but will likely keep me busy, it's about teaching oral & listening to English language learners and amazingly doesn't seem to be restricted to elementary. Woo! So it seems like I can adapt things for the adult level.

I now have THREE major SPN stories in the works. Journey's End sequel has been set aside since late November because it became a tangled mess and I'm not sure I like where it's going at the moment. It's already over 30K words though. O_O

I have another story I'd worked on starting in November that starts off with an alt-preseries involving the Trickster-in-a-female-form and only last night started bridging it towards the "present day" seasons. (Thinking I'll pick up at Tall Tales.) It's ~6500 words right now, I think, and I'm thinking this will be my late-ish cwbigbang entry. I definitely can make it to the minimum 12k. Just need to crack down on this over break! And rewatch Tall Tales! And keep bugging my cheerleading squad (how did that happen?!) for ideas and help. xD

And most recently I'm trying my hand at something new due to my own weakness for this particular type of fic in SPN fandom... and so many people's mention of it in "likes" for fandom stockings (and at the Gabriel comm stockings). I'm not sure it'll be done in time for the holidays, though, and it's turning out waaaayyyy longer than I meant and taking all sorts of complicated turns as I try to avoid pure crack. Instead it's an emotional mess xD

Also in fannish news: I'm hooked on White Collar. Awesome show, and it's only my second show where I totally have an OT3. (The other show being Haven with Audrey/Duke/Nathan.) About halfway through what there is of S3 right now. My roommate and I have been watching the past couple weeks.

I bought Dragon Age: Origins for my computer last week and have been playing off and on. I'd started a game on my roomie's X-Box but I won't have that during the holidays, so there goes ~32 hours of gameplay. X_X But I'm enjoying my new game too and it's interesting getting use to PC controls.

Well, that's all for now, I have things to do this morning before heading out for work. Ta~!