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So I'm around and about, but just not being terribly productive in terms of writing. x_x

Highlights from RL: Got a paycheck last week from doing sub-teaching for the Monday before - $96! And last week I subbed for the GED and math classes (morning) for three days. Tuesday I half-taught during my volunteer day b/c the teacher's voice was almost gone. Last Wednesday I officially subbed for the afternoon classes since the teacher's voice was gone. So I subbed for 14 hours last week! Tiring but I loved it. I love, love, love teaching. Praying I'll be able to secure a job by May when I'll have wrapped up my MA. And I had a productive weekend in that I finally got a dresser (thanks, Ikea!) and put it together. Necessitated some rearranging so it led to some great reorganization of my bookshelves (finally have a whole shelf dedicated to my teaching books).

Gaming: Minecrafting here, there, and everywhere. Yup. I'm generally doing singleplayer, but if anyone's ever interested in exploring and playing around on a server together, feel free to contact me. I've got a friend with a server (which happens to be where Rob & Dan are playing) if you'd be interested. Like most of my gaming locales - I'm Scifiroots. I'm also playing a lot of Left4Dead 2 on the PC (having a hard time with xbox controller now, lol!) I still prefer the first game maps, though. Also, I have Team Fortress 2, I'm just not very good at it. X_X

Fannishness: So I have... ::does a mental review:: 5 SPN fics in the works, 4 of which I think will certainly see completion at some point. Length of these so far ranges from 1K to 25K! I have no idea how any of these are finishing so I had to drop out of cwbigbang and gabriel_bigbang. :( :( :( I really wanted to do the Gabriel BB. Instead, I have signed up for spn_j2_bigbang (because for goodness sakes - I have to have something finished by then, RIGHT?!) Yesterday I also tossed my name in for scifibigbang since SPN is counted there... and, well, I would love to have another long fic up. (Plus the art! Oooo...)

Amidst this, I have a couple requests/pleas:
(1) Gimme your song recs (or music vids) that inspire thoughts of Gabriel/Sam. I need inspirational playlist! (Primarily I'm looking for material to keep me going on the Journeys sequel. So, nightmare-inspiring music works too, lol!)

(2) If you are someone who tends to get ideas but don't get around to writing them (or maybe aren't a writer) - I'd love a fresh set of eyes for... any of my longer stories, really. I've got the loverly qbiggerthanlove & wolfish_willow on "speed dial" so to speak, but we're all going around in circles on these things, lol. There are some option of stories (all Gabriel/Sam) to look over so lemme know which you'd be interested in.

(a) *The most important one, IMO* Sequel to "Where All My Journeys End" - Significant warnings apply including graphic violence and dark material. It's a lot darker than the first story given that we're dealing with a sort of "wall falling down" and memories of Hell. Additional features: good!Raphael, Heaven!Roadhouse, Sam able to see Gabriel's wings, prophet!Chuck, Balthazar, uh, and I'm pretty sure more. Help needed b/c... I don't know how this is gonna end. I'm having trouble figuring out how to realistically deal with the events I've set into motion. :/

(b) Met-in-the-past/alt-take on "Tall Tales" - This story is a mix of things and an experiment of sorts for me. Gabriel and Sam first meet when Sam's 17 and the Trickster's disguised as a girl named Raven. (So that's the intro.) Story then picks up at "Tall Tales" with a bit of a different spin. Features: girl!disguised!Gabriel for a decent chunk of it; inspiration of unhappy John-Sam family relationship from John Winchester's Diary, Bobby's Guide to Hunting, some of the comics, and other canon implications; potential powers!Sam... and I'm flexible from there. Help needed b/c... I lost speed when I freaked out about big bang timelines and seem to have lost the flow. Now I don't know where I'm going with it. *facepalms* I think I want to do an alternate wrap of S2, though.