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Help Wanted x.x

If you are someone who tends to get ideas but don't get around to writing them (or maybe aren't a writer) - I'd love a fresh set of eyes for... any of my longer stories, really. I've got the loverly qbiggerthanlove & wolfish_willow on "speed dial" so to speak, but we're all going around in circles on these things, lol. There are two stories I'm bouncing between writing.

(a) Sequel to "Where All My Journeys End" - Significant warnings apply including graphic violence and dark material. It's a lot darker than the first story given that we're dealing with a sort of "wall falling down" and memories of Hell. Additional features: good!Raphael, Heaven!Roadhouse, Sam able to see Gabriel's wings, prophet!Chuck, Balthazar, uh, and I'm pretty sure more. Help needed b/c... I don't know how this is gonna end. I'm having trouble figuring out how to realistically deal with the events I've set into motion. :/

(b) Met-in-the-past/alt-take on "Tall Tales" - This story is a mix of things and an experiment of sorts for me. Gabriel and Sam first meet when Sam's 17 and the Trickster's disguised as a girl named Raven. (So that's the intro.) Story then picks up at "Tall Tales" with a bit of a different spin. Features: girl!disguised!Gabriel for a decent chunk of it; inspiration of unhappy John-Sam family relationship from John Winchester's Diary, Bobby's Guide to Hunting, some of the comics, and other canon implications; potential powers!Sam... and I'm flexible from there. Help needed b/c... I'm having problems coming up with details of dealing with things, also the latest idea I had for this has basically introduced an epic plot that's gonna be taking far longer than I expected. I still don't know how it's ending.

I do not need beta skills like grammar and revision things right now. This is all about getting the story out. Please let me know if you might be interested in taking a look & helping! If you are, we can connect via gmail/chat, AIM, or other messenger service.