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A show I never thought I'd watch

My first post about Desperate Housewives is on my Tumblr and is ramble-y. Then again, this one will probably turn out to be, too. *rolls eyes*

The equation goes something like this: (a) frequently working on computer while Mom catches up on "shows we don't watch together" + (b) newer season syndication has Nathan Fillion + (c) older season syndication has Richard Burgi + (d) ridiculous plotlines that hold elements of suspense (even when predictable outcomes occur) = me getting caught up by the show. Ugh.

It's such a chick-flicky show, in my view. I honestly can't imagine any guy I know to watch it - well, wait, maybe not true. But in general, you'd never classify it in the top 100 shows a guy would want to watch. Most of the shows I watch are fairly gender neutral, imo, and then there's The A-Team which, although heavily female fandom, is such a stereotypical guy show. Anyway, there's also the fact that I'd classify Desperate Housewives as "a soap opera with good acting." But the ridiculous abundance of drama! I don't tend to like that sort of thing because goodness knows I've already had my share of it even if at present I'm outside of experiencing much at the moment. But damn it, it's the drama that drags me into it. Because there's a lot of elements of reality, even if some portions are overblown.

I still hate Eddie, which was my first impression, but Gabby's really grown on me. Bree I continue to be on the fence about. Susan frustrates me and annoys me most of the time, but I really like her daughter and she does have some good moments. I've always liked Lynette and love her all the more as I continue to watch. I also am growing fond of her husband, Tom.

Familiar faces: Richard Burgi (Sentinel, Jim), Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Mal), Felicity Huffman (Sports Night, Dana), Kathryn Joosten (The West Wing, Mrs. Landingham), Sam Lloyd (Scrubs, Ted), and others who I don't as easily identify where I've seen them before. (And by the way, I had to use imdb for most names. I'm usually pretty bad at remembering names.)

Favorite moment so far: Nathan Fillion dressed as Frankenstein for Halloween delivering a baby.


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Jul. 6th, 2009 02:33 pm (UTC)
I don't watch Desperate Housewives (and knowing me, I probably never will), but Nathan Fillion. Damn, I miss Firefly. :D That is all.

AND TED! I ♥ SCRUBS. :DD /capslock :D
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