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Top 5 reasons you like Sabriel

  • The fic - I have to mention fanfic because it's what got me roped in and has made me stay in the fandom as a whole. I love the writers who have contributed to this lovely pairing and the variety of things they've given me to consider.

  • The parallels between Sam and Gabriel. Of all the characters to compare, these two share an astonishing amount of similarities, the largest difference being that Sam had no way to run and truly stay away even if he had wanted to. 

  • Sam seems to reawaken Gabriel's identity as an angel and diverge from centuries of Trickster-y pursuits. The events of "Mystery Spot" definitely pull on Trickster characteristics - but resetting things at the end? Doesn't seem like something a Trickster would do; and why let Sam find him again? Then there's "Changing Channels" and "Hammer of the Gods" with these looks that speak volumes. I know Dean's the one who does the speeches and rants, but he's a total hypocrite with those speeches and I have a hard time believing that's what ultimately swayed Gabriel. And what about Gabriel's lines to Lucifer about humans being flawed? "Damn right they are. But some of them try." <--Saaaaammmm

  • Sam sees shades of gray. This is what sets him apart from John and Dean, for me. Sam does have his moments of "black and white" but usually he's the one trying to juggle some tough moral questions and look beyond face value. It's part of why he was willing to accept Ruby's help, it definitely played a role in letting the kitsune go. He's the one who says they should try to get the Trickster's help, despite everything that's happened before. Gabriel isn't pure good or monstrously evil, he really embodies that in-between in my mind and that just works so well with how I envision Sam.

  • Potential dynamics and a wealth of emotion. There's a lot of speculation to work with given that Gabriel's in all of four episodes of the series (and I swear it feels like more sometimes), but there's still enough to work from. The pairing has the potential to be ridiculously happy with everything candy and unicorns and rainbows... and of course everything utterly depressing filled with death and gore and corruption. I prefer a mix, leading preferably to the former, but the potential is just so great to ponder.

Top 5 Sabriel headcanons~

This is so hard~! I write what I think of in my fic, I have to say. I have more separate character headcanon than pairing canon, I think. But we'll see what I come up with :D

  • While the sex is really hawt and Gabriel will exploit any opportunity to insinuate things to rile up Dean, much of the intimacy between Sam and Gabriel involves a lot of cuddling and casual touching. Comfort is the name of the game.

  •  Gabriel is also ridiculously adorable with courtship. He does all sorts of little and often silly things. Food things, of course, but also silly souvenirs from random places, little carnival prizes, books... Hell, even flowers. It flusters Sam and delights him at the same time. Also, Sam has all sorts of sweets on hand to give and is excited when he gets something a little unique like if he gets the chance to stop in an Oriental  supermarket or something. :3 (OMG I want to see Gabriel with konpeito)

  • "Damn right they're flawed. But a lot of them try – to do better, to forgive."  When Gabriel says that... it's because of Sam. Sam isn't the only example of such humans, but he's the one that finally made a difference to Gabriel.

  • Okay, so when it comes to kinks for this pairing, it's all about oral fixation. I admit it. And it goes both ways, so both Sam and Gabriel can tease the other. Also, this oral obsession leads to lots of kissing. Yes.

  • Somehow, some way, eventually, Sam and Gabriel get their happy ending. Maybe it takes a long time, a lot of struggling, plenty of tears, but they work it out in the end and it's worth it.

(omg why did this take so long to write?!)


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Apr. 17th, 2012 06:32 am (UTC)
hmm I don't actually know why I ship this pairing. I know WHY I ship Dean & Castiel but not Sam/Gabriel.

This post has been most enlightning! :D
Apr. 17th, 2012 04:51 pm (UTC)
<3 I love this pairing so much it's kind of ridiculous, lol!
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