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6-word fills for Comment_Fic

Today's comment_fic theme is for 6-word fills. I was highly skeptical of this at first, because I like some plot somewhere... but these have also been a lot of fun. So this post is collecting the fills I wrote:

Supernatural, any, "I'm sorry."
Apologies won't fix this. Go away.
Sorry that I left you alone.
Never wanted to end like this.

Any; Any; Video games (any, playing L4D - or is it autobiographical?)

"That's what she said!"


Any; Any; Thunder SPN, Sam x5

It used to mean their arrival.
Arguments always started with a bang.
Caught in the crossfire, bloody and scarred.
Torn apart by a lightning flash.

World looks different after the Cage.

any, any, it only hurts SPN, Sam

"Does it hurt?"

"Only every breath."

Any; Any; Cold water SPN, Sam
It wasn't hot. Always fucking freezing.
Cry until the water runs cold.

Any, any, mirror
I don't recognize that person anymore.
Step through, another world, shattered luck.
Another life we could have had.

Any; Any; Boner SPN, Gabriel/Sam

"Seriously? Now is not the time."

any, any, defending the Earth SPN

Maybe it's better when I'm gone.

any, any, circles SPN, Sam

Chains, blades, blood.
Lather, rinse, repeat.

Supernatural, Sam/Jessica, first kiss

Six dates. Frustrated, she kisses him.
Lips touch, imagines red, hot flame.

any, any, fireflies
(any, geek luv)
"You like Firefly, too?!"
"It's love."
"Let them out. They don't belong."
(SPN, Gabriel)
"Shine on and lead me home."

any, any, character x walks into a bar... (SPN, my brain says Sam & Gabriel)
"Why're you here!"

"I'm the headliner!"

any, any, unrequited love
Story of his life: inappropriate attraction.
Speechless, breathless. You don't turn around.
(SPN, Gabriel/Sam)
And he'll never know - I care.
(SPN, Cas/Sam)
Can't look him in the eye.
(Eureka: Jack/Nathan? Allison/Nathan? OT3?)
It will never be our time.

Any; Any; Caught (SPN, Gabriel/Sam)
Want you to see my heart.
Can't escape it. Time to end.
Running, falling, crash. Can't look away.

Any; Any; Catching breath
(Haven, any)
Hard to breathe when you're drowning.
(SPN, S5, Sam & Dean)
"Zachariah... got me g-good... this time."
(The Mentalist, Cho/Jane)
"Wanna try that again...? In bed?"

Any; Any; Into the fire
(SPN, Sam)
"Eventually, stopped feeling anything at all."
"Jump in, say goodbye to fear."

Any; Any; Exchange (SPN)
"Kiss me and forget the world."
"Your soul for his? Not enough."
"Nothing's free, Sammy," Gabriel said tiredly.
"I submit myself in his place."
"Under-table favors won't get you freedom."

Any; Any; Mortal wound (SPN)
"Didja forget I'm immortal?"

"...Fuck you."
"Save him."

"Even I have limits."
"Where do angels go?"

"I dunno."
Save a life...or the world.
(The Mentalist, any)
A surprise - such a simple thing.

Any; Any; Betrayed (SPN)
I lied, looking in your eyes.
(any angel)
"Betrayal? Don't make me laugh. Brother."
"But... he said he'd stopped running."

Any; Any; Fealty
(SPN, any angel/Sam)
"It means forever."

"Even death?"

(SPN, s4 Cas)
"I'm a Soldier of Heaven, first."

any, any, gamble
(SPN, Gabriel, TFW)

"I'm in the game now."
(SPN, Gabriel/Sam)
"Why'd you do that?"

"Taking chances."

Any; Any; The first sign that something had gone wrong
His hands were in his pockets.
(SPN, Sam & any)
"Yes?" His eyes held no recognition.

any, any, desire (SPN, Gabriel/Sam)
Can't get him outta my head.
Pull, kiss, taste, moan, caress; bare.

any, any, boredom (SPN, Gabriel)
A bored trickster is never good.

any, any, afraid (SPN)
Were he human, he'd be sweating.
Rock, meet Hard Place. He's screwed.
"You'll never be free," Lucifer croons.

any, any/any, "It had to be you..."
(The Mentalist, Jane & the team)
Everybody else decided to ignore him.
(SPN, Sam/any angel)
"Who else would I fall for?"
(SPN, Gabriel/Sam)
"No one ever cried for me."
"Anyone else, I would have turned back."
(SPN, ?/?)

"Because Heaven couldn't stop you."

any, any, yesterday (SPN)
Don't cry the tears of yesterday.
Today's too late to make choices.
"Where were you?"

"Waiting to fall."

any, any, blue skies (SPN)
(Gabriel + TFW)
"C'mon, it's time for a picnic."

any, any, life (SPN, Gabriel/Sam)x2
"Why shouldn't I give in, sleep?"
"Let me convince you to live."

SPN, Gabriel, smoke
Curling tendrils wrap around smoldering remains.

Any; Any; All it takes (Too many fandoms to count... among them: Avengers, SPN...)
Someone give him a damn hug!

Any; Any; Brittle (SPN, Sam)
Soul charred from the inside out.

Any, any, the romance that should not be (SPN, Gabriel)
"Pixy Stix deserve to be worshiped."

any, any, spin (SPN, Gabriel/Sam)
Drunken courage, brush of lips. "Stay."

OK, OK, I'll stop now. xD