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{Fic} Stay (Awake) With Me | NOTES

Notes: This has been a story I've wrestled with since mere weeks after posting the first story, Journeys. While that story wrote much of itself and came to a natural end, there were still several plot points left open that I wanted to tackle. How to tackle what came next, however, was no easy task. I cut several thousand words out about midway through the plot to try another approach. There are a few scenes in here that have been rewritten at least three times due to plot changes and even characters being pulled from the scenes.

Including Castiel was a particular struggle since the first story's hints of a Cas/Dean relationship basically evaporated as I wrote this and it didn't seem worth forcing it back in. The main focus, after all, is Gabriel/Sam. The cameo appearances of others has been an issue I've debated over and over, largely with myself but also with friends while I wrote, rewrote, and edited this. There are so many great characters in this fandom and I really wanted to try including people – it does end up being hard to juggle so many without leaving gaping plot holes, though!

My ever-present pillars of support continue to be the lovely wolfish_willow and qbiggerthanlove. Until just recently as RL got crazy, I talked with one or both of these ladies nightly. Crazy ideas, plotting, random dialogue tidbits, and general SPN head-canon sharing went on and they're at the heart of what's kept me going with my SPN fandom ventures. I also owe a big thanks to my wonderful artist, m14mouse, who sent me all sorts of images and cheered me on even as I've slipped behind on things – becoming engrossed in other fandoms and a plethora of RL issues. Thanks are owed to all three for reading and helping me out with the story at a variety of stages. I've done a lot of last-minute work, however, so all errors remaining are mine.

Thanks also to everyone who's expressed interest in this sequel and left wonderful comments on my other fics, hearing from you means the world to me! Thanks so much. I hope this didn't disappoint. :)

Title inspired by the end of "The Last Supper" from Jesus Christ Superstar

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