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{fic} Ruins | CSI NY

By Clarity Scifiroots
Disclaimers apply
Pairing: Mac/Danny (sort of)
Rating: Mature
fivebyfiction prompt: Ghosts
Summary: “No, you only got a lover closeted away who has cut ties with said gang. That’s what’s jeopardizing your career.”
Spoilers: Mostly implied, but somewhat more directly “Tanglewood”
March 12, 2007

“This isn’t going to work.”


“You keep secrets from me, Danny,” Mac says.

“Don’t you— Damnit! You never ask. Why’ve I gotta volunteer my past? It’s not like you’re laid out on a silver platter for inspection.”

“I don’t have ties to gang leaders that jeopardize my career.”

“You don’t, do you? No, you only got a lover closeted away who has cut ties with said gang.” Danny struggles against the temptation to jab his finger in Mac’s face. “That’s what’s jeopardizing your career.”

Mac turns away, frustration visibly tensing every muscle.

“I ain’t the only one at fault. You heard the rumors. You prob’ly had the professional responsibility to ask. You had the prerogative to ask off the record,” Danny accuses. “You didn’t even speak to me ‘bout it when you brought Sonny in.”

“It was your responsibility to tell me!” Mac snaps. “The legal repercussions, careers and the lab at stake... I took a chance on you.”

“Thank-you-very-much, Sir.” Danny bows mockingly. “I hope the satisfaction of fucking my ass every week makes up for the headaches I’m causin’ you.”


“You ‘took a chance’ on me? So, what’s next? You hangin’ me up to dry or are you gonna make me beg for mercy?”

Danny’s voice drops an octave and he shifts into a stance that draws attention to his disheveled state—a reminder of earlier intentions. “Does it turn you on havin’ me beg? Oh please, Mac. Right there. Uhn. So good, Mac. Take me! Fuck me harder.” Throughout, he clutches his groin and makes obscene gestures and the little noises that usually accompany their sexual activities.

Mac can only take so much. Suddenly he’s closed the distance between them and invades Danny’s personal space. His fist is clenched between them. “Stop. You walk out that door right now or you won’t have to come into work tomorrow. If I drop you right now, no one’s going to touch you, Messer.”

Danny’s jaw tightens, eyes flashing violently behind his glasses. “Fuck you,” he whispers.

Within moments the door slams against the wall and swings violently back into its frame. Mac finds he feels nothing at all.

Danny’s coat lays forgotten behind the couch.