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In which I babble about FF7

I love Final Fantasy VII and it's one of those things that I own multiple copies of. At some point I'm aiming to own it on the PC even though I still have my PSX disks (greatest hits version) and bought the digital copy from the PS store since I wanted to be able to play it on my PSP. I don't remember exactly when I got into the game, probably 1999 or 2000? It was the third FF game I ever played, the second I ever completed. Like many people, it's my favorite game of the franchise (though IX is a near tie). It is unquestionably flawed in many ways, but I love the story and its characters so much. ♥

I hadn't read (or written) any FF fic in at least a year, but after coming across a rec list yesterday I ended up reading The Fifth Act. I have not read a videogame fanfic so engaging since I was introduced to A Long, Hard Road way back in the day. I also never thought I'd say this, but it's the best FF fic I have ever read and definitely would make my top 10 list of best fics ever. If you're a FF7 fan, read it. I'm usually a 'ship reader but this epic fic is gen (although canon Zack/Aeris is included) and I didn't regret a moment. This fic also did the impossible: I liked Genesis! (For the record, I find him annoying as hell and pretty much hate him in canon.) It's a time travel fic (yes, I know, popular trope) but sooooo well written. And complete (hugely rare). The characterizations are spot-on, there's lots of fun FF7 universe references from the subtle to overt and draws on all FF7 sources. It's absolutely phenomenal.

The fic's also got me thinking about the games again and fic of my own. I've read a variety of articles in the past couple days which has included the issue of Square-Enix finally stating outright that they won't remake FF7. The reasoning sounds like bullshit to me. For those hardcore FF7 fans who believe it's the best thing in the world, that's probably never going to change, and even for people who may change their minds, it's not like they're expecting SE to top the game. There's people who are in the middle, of course, and then those that dislike and/or hate the game. Again, that's not likely to change much. Regardless of what people think of FF7, I think the fast majority of fans recognize that the franchise is... kinda dying? Or at least, we know it's been diverging for a long time. For those of us who have found our ultimate, favorite FF game, I don't think we're ever going to see SE top our choice.

Still, SE says they're not going to remake FF7... unless they manage to make another FF game that tops FF7. Er. Right. As mentioned above, I think that's crappy. I also find it a little funny that they're passing up this huge money-making opportunity. Let's face it, there's a slew of people out there who purchase anything with the label Final Fantasy, and possibly more that go out of their way to check out anything labeled within the FF7 universe (*cough*myself included*cough*). Would the finished result get complaints? Hell yes. For all sorts of reasons (I betcha my complaint would be voice actors. TBH I'd like my remake without voice-acting, or at least kept to a minimal.) But in the end... in the end it's tragic that they're bypassing this amazing opportunity to continue stoking a hardcore fandom and revitalize a worthy game. Give me a truly enchanced, dedicated remake before sequels any day. It astounds me that they waste their time with pretty lousy sequels and sub-par games like Dissidia (and more than one? really?).

Anyway, there's my thoughts for the moment. I'll have to think of a good place to display my Final Fantasy PlayArts figures when we move. :3


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Sep. 5th, 2012 08:56 am (UTC)
god. I love this fandom. Haven't played the game, but I learned, read and saw enough to adore FF7. Seriously, no other part of this series has managed to made me regret that i'm not playing games.

if your are looking for recs would say, read Minerva's Gift

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Sep. 9th, 2012 03:00 pm (UTC)
(Sorry for the delay!)

I first entered fandom without having played the game since a friend in (I think...) Gundam Wing fandom at the time introduced me to the epic in-progress work A Long Hard Road. I soon got my hands on the game, though and started playing. :) I didn't finish the game at that time, though I got close. >_> It was one of my marathon plays during a summer. Since then, though... I bought my PSP honest-to-goodness solely for Crisis Core. LOL. I mean I have other games on it, now, and I've enjoyed the system, but I bought it for CC. I fell in love with Zack because of ALHR fic and my friend's love for him.

Even if you haven't played the games, I'm guessing you've watched Advent Children or Last Order? They're pretty good, though I don't always take the material into my headcanon, lol. (Well, I totally roll with Rufus and ♥Tseng being alive.)

Thanks for the rec, I've bookmarked it. :) Do you have favorite characters? Pairings? I'm apparently really eager to talk FF7 right now :D
Sep. 9th, 2012 04:48 pm (UTC)
Of course I watched AC and Last Order. And a lot of AMvs on youtube. The rest of canon I learnt through TimeTravel fics and such XD

fav pairings?

Vincent x Cloud, cause they suffer so beautiful together. Aaaand I'm a sucker for the storys in which both are immortal or Chaos (and Vincent) is views Cloud as his kids XDDD
there's Angael x Zack and Zack x Cloud as well. Just as Cloud x Kadaj (I ADORE this little psycho so muuuuuuuch X3)
do you want threesome list as well? (Angael x Genesis x Sephiroth, for instance)
mostly anything but Sephiroth and little naive CLoud. When Cloud is behaving like his AC badass self, it's okay but I refrain from reading fics in which he is wide eyed and naive.

Of course there's Reeeee~no (oh yeah, lot's of Reno! I am a sucker for readhead boys!) *huggels*

I'm still combing through the fandom and I doubt I will ever play the games, unless it falls into my lab! ^^

my brain is already wiring crossovers in my head (Something about Nanaki being Fenrirs sons and there for Gabriels grandkids XDDD)

Edited at 2012-09-09 04:51 pm (UTC)
Sep. 9th, 2012 05:03 pm (UTC)
The rest of canon I learnt through TimeTravel fics and such XD

LOL Well I hope you found some actual canon material. ;) As I reread Fusion (knowing_shadows) over the past few days, it reminds me so much of how fanon portrayed pre-game back in the day. There are some interesting similarities to what revealed in Crisis Core, but it's still really interesting to see the divergence that happens due to expanded canon.

fav pairings?

I was totally introduced through Sephiroth/Cloud and that's largely where I've stayed, though I'm also a Vincent/Cloud fan and love any relationship of Zack/Cloud. Those are the fics I pursue, at least, but in general I'm a major Aerith/Zack fan, intrigued by the possibility of Tseng/Zack, have considered Cloud/Yuffie, and snicker over the possibility of Reno/Tifa. It's one fandom where I'm kinda fluid with things. (Of course, OT3 is Cloud/Sephiroth/Zack... and OT4 would add Aerith in, lol.) But I agree with you on no naive Cloud. Well, he could be naive, but I don't like his portrayal to be weak-willed and meek.

I love the cast of original FF7 so much. I'm not a fan of Genesis (as I mentioned in my post) but Crisis Core was still darn satisfactory for me. I haven't pursued anything in the way of Before Crisis, which I should look into at some point since the Turks do intrigue me. I've never finished Dirge of Cerebus - it's such an oddity in the Final Fantasy realm. I should try it again, though, now that I've played some first person shooters and having sucked as badly, lol!

There's always the possibility of getting copies of the game on PC (FF7 has just been re-released) or using emulators... Or good ol' YouTube Let's Plays, though I've never looked into FF playthroughs.

Wow, this is all really getting me in the mood to poke into fandom again... and play with my ridiculous number of action figures. xD My PlayArts figures totally rank in my top three favorite fannish things I own. ♥
Sep. 9th, 2012 05:50 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the fic rec. I just read joudama, she writes lots of your OT4 XD

and seriously, I could take the whole fandom, hug and nver let it go . It's so much awesome
Sep. 9th, 2012 09:18 pm (UTC)
Woo! More things to peek through. I don't have a lot of things bookmarked from my major reading days, it's just the epics and certain names that stick with me. I have things of my own (ahaha, wow some of those things are really old ;;^^ ) around, too.
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