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If we haven't e-mailed each other, you're missing out on how horrible I am with coming up with subject lines. 9_9;; I worry about my future in titling blog posts.

Anyway, I "rediscovered" Inkubus Sukkubus while going through my iPod backup and turned up their albums today. It's been ages since I've really listened to them but it's kinda fun to check it out again. I was really into Inky Suku and Nightwish back in middle/high school. Also while going through my iPod files, I thankfully turned up the rest of my Rasputina collection (which has been somehow misplaced during recent computer changes).

I re-established myself on InsaneJournal over the weekend (as enmuse) after discovering that my former accounts were deactivated and purged. :\ I did some nice organizing over the weekend and have several fandom fic masterlists. Slowly I'd like to get all my fic up on various places - AO3 is my big goal, but also around my journals would be nice.

Lastly, I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for undeadbigbang to try and get myself writing again. Admittedly I'm gonna be very busy during its time frame - fulltime work, class has started, plus there's lots of packing to be done, not to mention the actual move - but I would like to write. Maybe I'll fit it in there somewhere.