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My brain feel so full lately and I feel a bit like I'm supposed to be running a race but keep stumbling to a walk; back and forth back and forth.

One roommate is moved into our new place. Current roomie & I are moving on the 15th. In the meantime we're doing all sorts of cleaning and taking over some things that we don't want movers to move, yadda.

All sorts of other things going on but since I'm keeping this a public post I won't drone on. But we did get major news at work today and I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. Our organization (school) has to move - and soon. Lease is up in June but as soon as the buyers take over, they'll be starting construction - read: in January. We don't have a new location yet. There are so many ways the organization's future can go and it's kind of freaking me out, TBH.

Anyway, wanted to announce that I do plan to do NaNoWriMo this year! I've got no set plans - especially since I might be doing a workshop series of sorts with students.... BUT if I don't go for "original fiction" this year (or some rebellion prose ^_~) then I'm thinking FF7 fic.

Anyone wanna be cheerleader/idea-bouncer for FF7 purposes? *big kawaii, hopeful eyes*