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{Drabble} Underneath | FF7 | Aerith

Title: Underneath
Prompt: Trash (from ff7_drabbles)
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII (general 'verse)
Characters: Aerith
Rating: All
Summary/AN: I need to gear up for NaNoWriMo - so lemme at these drabbles! Written with a vague sense of Zack/Aerith in mind, but really could be a variety of characters' view of Aerith. *shrugs* It's been a long time since I last wrote for this fandom.

Everything was filthy. In the slums nothing was ever clean or fresh. No matter the effort put in, the dirty city reclaimed its populace. Yet amidst the dreariness sprouted flowers that somehow caught the rare ray of sun. From the garbage heap of the slum floor, softly colored petals bloomed.

Aerith was a little like that, too. Despite the grime that usually stuck to her skin and discolored her clothes, her smile shone bright and her eyes twinkled with cheer. Her perfection was never hidden for long and her presence revealed the gleam of better things beneath the trash-covered city.