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So, yeah.

If I think October is busy, I'm going to be nuts in November. ~_~ RL is quite full at the moment and when I have breathing room it usually means I crash. (This tends to involve a heating pad to sore muscles at the moment.)

We are moved - I now live with two roommates and a very talkative cat. There are still boxes all over the place but 95% of my books and all my movies/games are miraculously out on shelves. Kitchen is taking longer because we have a lot of stuff between three people and limited cupboard space. Still gotta grab a few last things from the old place and there's cleaning to be done (I hate thinking about that part).

Despite telling myself to stay away from Avengers fic and concentrate on FF7 in preparation for potential NaNo story, I've continued to read and have found some fantastic fic. (OMFG hive mind of Roombas.) I'm more and more seriously pondering trying my hand at Avenger fic. Given my familiarity of the Marvel films, that's the universe I'd be setting it in, but I'm also going to be trying to get some comics reading in and other research. Actually... I have a plot idea that occurred to me while showering yesterday.

So - Avengers fic maybe? :O


Oct. 20th, 2012 02:05 pm (UTC)
Toasterverse, yes. omg How can cracky elements flow so seamlessly within some serious hurt/comfort and serious elements?

I have such a long list of to-reads but I will definitely be looking at the author's other works. :D