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[x-posting from NaNoWriMo forums ^_^]

So I've started jotting down notes after I got an idea in the shower last week but I need some help wrapping my head around it and developing some more. Overall I think this'll be something of a three act thing and the part I'm most concerned about right now is act one. Lemme lay out the very general ideas I have right now:

Act One: Pre-film. SHIELD's cautious about introducing Steve immediately to the modern world so they propose a sort of "virtual trial run." (I'm a bit influenced by thoughts of Inception for how this might go down.) Somehow Tony's roped into this, possibly because he's involved with developing the technology/process. Tony "goes under" as well as Coulson, 'cuz SHIELD needs someone in there. Stuff goes down and the op concludes (I've no ideas for this, ack), but Steve and Tony are left without memory of the experience. I believe Steve was never meant to remember, but regarding Tony I haven't decided if that was a pre-arrangement from SHIELD or his own request, or something that's determined later. (Coulson will retain memories and this will have an effect on act two.)

Act Two: Avengers film timeline. (Wouldn't be very in depth, more to address adjustments to the film to make it fit within my 'verse. Although this is also where I can fluff out my word count.)

Act Three: Post-film, becoming a team; addressing Tony and Steve's "deja vu" and possibly regaining some memories... and, of course, getting them together (for my ol' sappy 'shipper heart).

SO! I'm most concerned about the entirety of Act One and determining the story's ending ('cuz I really need an ultimate goal to pursue - that's usually the most challenging part of writing for me). How can I BS my way through the "science" of the first act? I'm looking for: 1) various explanations of SHIELD's cautiousness (so far thinking based around concern that Steve would have a major breakdown or go into shock or something), 2) how and why Tony involves himself, 3) why SHIELD would approve Tony to "go under", 4) what the heck goes on in the virtual world - how is Steve introduced to things? Does he get along with Stark right away? What's Coulson's role?

OMG I have so many questions. And endings... I really don't know. HELP?


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Oct. 22nd, 2012 07:18 pm (UTC)
Well, Tony is a consultant for SHIELD, so maybe he creates the technology needed to put Steve under? He might demand to be a part of it, or they might need him to control it/work with it/fix a problem on the run. As for Coulson, he seems to be SHIELD's best handler, and he's usually the one sent to deal with Tony, so I can see them sticking him on the case.

As for the rest...well. Heh. I don't ship Steve and Tony. (I'm a Sciencebros/OT3 girl all the way.) But the idea is very intriguing!
Oct. 25th, 2012 09:17 pm (UTC)
Firstly - glad to hear your procedure went well. *hugs~*

Fic'ly - So I've compiled more notes and a very loose outline that's not an outline and.... I'm already thinking about trashing like, everything, except for random tidbit ideas, not that I know what the next idea will be. And then a large part of me is wondering if any of this planning is going to pay off because last time I attempted to actully plan out NaNo was in '10 with Mentalist fic and within that first week, only a couple thousand words in, I dumped it and went to working on a different story for a series I'd started prior the month. Then again, that story's still not done.

ARGH. WRITING. WHY ARE YOU DIFFICULT? And then I have all these Avengers FEELS and I'm in love with all the characters and on a general writing side of things, I've actually been curious about pushing my usual comfort zone and that opens up all sorts of possibilities....
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