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This month is crazy for me. Fourth day and already work-related I: -Hosted a career speaker; -Attended a webinar; -Met with two students regarding job searches; -Attended MinneTESL (a conference). Upcoming for work I have: -Hosting college speaker; -Organization's web presence meeting; -Grant-writing meeting; -Grant-writing webinar; -Presentation to prepare & then give re: post-secondary readiness; -Two-day conference, "Overcoming Racism"; -Student meetings, student meetings; -Resume workshop at nearby lawfirm for students; -VISTA training; and whatever else comes up, which there will be stuff.

Other RL considerations include: -Chiropractor appointments; -BFF's daughter's birthday party; -Finish unpacking; -Homework; -Thanksgiving travel. (I need to and should: -try once again to sort out graduation shit; -get an eye exam and new glasses; -research insurance because I'll need something after my bday next month; -find a new psychiatrist)

But among all this I've got the cool highlight of NaNoWriMo and despite it not going all that great at the moment, I'm really excited about it and motivated to do it. Not that you'd really be able to tell that right now, lol. I've been meeting my word count by doing multiple sessions of Write-or-Die, which is totally my saving grace.

Ok I have an hour to figure out something to eat and then I've gotta run! Fellow NaNo friend is picking me up and we're off to a library write-in for the afternoon. Then we've got D&D gaming tonight for the first time in like a month since Roomie #1 is the DM and we moved recently. :p

I STILL LOVE YOU ALL AND I APOLOGIZE FOR LACK OF COMMUNICATION. (shout-outs to tfwftw, qbiggerthanlove, and wolfish_willow - Seriously, I'm sorry I'm so behind with communication. Life is ridiculous. Basically if I'm not working, I'm super tired and zoned on the computer or I'm shockingly socializing with people face to face - well, usually Roomies, but still.)