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Fly-by posting to plug an AMAZING game

The Cat Lady is an absolutely astounding game all around: artistic style, soundtrack, story, characters, and jesus christ the emotions. There's a demo on the site to download to try it out, but I promise you it is worth every penny to purchase it. I almost wish now that I had bought a hard copy, but I am very happy with my download of the game and OST.

It's an adventure-style game and very dark. Lots of dark material, it's gritty and realistic. I'm floored by how aptly the creators captured depression - an "invisible illness." My breath caught countless of times because there is so much in here that was so dead-on. Absolutely incredible game. Support the developers. Even if you won't play it yourself - maybe grab the music.

It was Minx's let's-play that introduced me to it so I really recommend watching it if you don't want to invest playing time or if you get stuck on any of the puzzles. Here's the playlist.