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Variety of updates

It's been a long while since I've said much here, hasn't it? Pretty busy with my off-line, RL stuff - OMG how do I have a real life now? (And why is it adult-like and scary?)

Anyway, I've installed wordpress on my website and am in the middle of playing around to set up a site that'll make it easy for me to archive and keep updated my (hundreds of) fanfics. Complete work in progress, but I'm happy to see something that I think will finally work for me.

Last night I finished my first read-through-while-making-notes for my NaNo '12 fic! There will be some significant changes made to what's written so far, and I think I've adjusted how my headcanon works for things that have so far just been noted/outlined. There's many missing scenes, too. Hell, it's possible I could actually do this fic for scifibigbang and still meet the requirements of adding 20k new words.

I admit, I really wish I had a good connection with someone with someone in Marvel fandom who's up to doing some serious beta work. (NaNo '12 is "Once Lost, Twice Found", an Avengers 'fic set mostly post-film... Steve/Tony.) A lot of the changes that I'm planning have to do with the fact that I've become more familiar with comic (616) canon in the past months, so my headcanon for my fic's leaned towards merging more elements between 616-verse and MCU. Probably the change that's going to cause the most change to what I've already written is that I've decided to go with the comics line of placing Avengers HQ in the mansion - not Stark Tower, like the New Avengers line or the way MCU seems to be leaning.

Well, guess I ultimately didn't have a lot to say. Totally wanted to celebrate my NaNo read, though, and I'm hoping it might help push me into getting back in the writing wagon. I'm in the mood, I just keep encountering hurdles. x_x


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Feb. 10th, 2013 12:43 pm (UTC)
am in the middle of playing around to set up a site that'll make it easy for me to archive and keep updated my (hundreds of) fanfics.

eFiction, or something else? Admin and I have batted it around a few times and never really decided on anything, so I just keep on hard-coding by hand (which is only frustrating when I realize I want to re-do all of my headers...)
Feb. 10th, 2013 04:23 pm (UTC)
I have looked at eFiction before and I was going to go with that, I thought, when I'd talked to my roomie about having help setting things up. But I'm a little leery about the lack of activity - many years out of date.

Wordpress is very versatile, though, and it's something that I'm able to learn pretty easily on my own. I need to play around more, but I think I'll be able to have it work pretty nicely. There's some coding bits that I need help figuring out, but I need to do a more thorough search on my own before begging help from my coding friends.

Hard-coding everything really deters my enthusiasm to keep things updated on my site (if you look at it, pretty sure it's been years u_u) so yeah... I need something easier where links and layout will update.
Feb. 10th, 2013 09:33 pm (UTC)
What I have now is just a series of templates and I think with the last refinement I'm working on, I'll be set for awhile. Still sucks to upload new stuff, but probably doesn't actually take much longer than using something like eFiction. ^^;;

But yeah... aside from graphic changes where I just replace graphics, I can't really change the layout on everything in one shot.

(Then again, the thought of re-uploading everything into something new is also a turn-off.)
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