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Apr. 15th, 2013

Just wanted to drop a line about a couple things:

1) I ended up feeling much better by midweek last week. Thank you for virtual hugs & comments ♥ Work kept me busy and perked me up, thankfully.

2) I'm still in a whirl over what the fudge I'm writing for scifibigbang, and I haven't worked on Camp NaNo since over a week ago. However... I'm reading Eureka fic avidly right now (I don't even remember what sparked that) and I'm poking curiously at my genderbend fic idea I had 3.5 years ago.... X_X And I... could really get behind working on that. Maybe with some encouragement??

Ugh. I'm going to go read some more now. I can't believe it, but I'm fucking sick again. This is the fourth time since end of July!!!!