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For F*%# Sake.

FFS 1) THE DAMN WEATHER. What. The. Hell. Again got lots of snow today. Wet, heavy shit. Thought it was supposed to rain today! Winter, go the fuck away! We are freaking SO SICK OF YOU.

FFS 2) Hate our glass-top stove. Haaaaate it. Always looks like shit; even after six months I still can't judge properly when things are going to boil; you have to be careful what pots you use. And the real kicker? What the hell do you think happened when a bottle of vodka fell off the fridge onto the stove? Well, if it was any other type of stove, I'm pretty damn sure the bottle would break, the stove top would be scratched or maybe gouged, but really we'd just have to deal with the messy cleanup of alcohol and glass.

With this fucker? The damn piece of shit stove broke. Yeah. Not cracked. Fucking smashed. But only the stove. The heavy glass bottle? Perfectly freaking fine. What. The. Hell. And why did the damn thing fall? I apparently broke the sacred seal of the refrigerator. I'm a goddamn rebel, opening the fridge door.

We're going to have to pay for it since it wasn't an appliance malfunction. I appreciate that the rental agent called in response to the email within a few hours. I honestly didn't expect anything til tomorrow. But ugh.
Non-ffs things:
(A) Survived teaching two days of class despite being sick! I had a steadier voice for a longer time today (yesterday was pretty tough). I had freaking amazing attendance, too! Also, as of leaving work today I have 29 people signed up on my list. 21 people has been my largest number at any one point in time.

(B) Between sickness, weather impeding travel, bad karma of broken stove, and the dubious usefulness of tomorrow's "in-service training" for VISTA tomorrow... I'm not going to go. I'll take the extra rest that I wasn't able to do earlier this week due to work duties and I'll work on some lesson planning from home. I've got everything but the students' needs assessment notes via dropbox so I can luckily work from home.

(C) Dropping out of the Comics BB. While my NaNo Avengers is long and a hell of a lot more complete than other WiPs that I have on file (this actually has a solid middle and end), there's too much missing and I've got bunch of RL issues to juggle. Not sure that I'd appropriately dedicate time to filling in the missing pieces because I have the feeling that this is one of the stories I'd like to obsess about doing a good job of fully completing.

(D) Speaking of fic. I do think that I'm going to make the attempt to work again on the old Eureka genderbend story (original idea from summer 2009!!) for scifibigbang.

Now, I am off to bed. My eyes are drifting closed and I'm exhausted.