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Since I plan on finally getting around to posting a request around to the Marvel fan community, I figured I should write up some details. What's this about? I need a beta alpha reader. Let me give you a rundown of the fic itself first, though, so that I might lure someone in before scaring you off with the fic's current state.

Synopsis (as posted on NaNoWriMo website): Finding Captain America frozen in the Arctic ice was an unlikely miracle and S.H.I.E.L.D. would like to introduce the iconic superhero into the 21st century without causing a freaking mental breakdown. Cautious, the decision was made to do a "trial run" of introducing Steve Rogers to the 21st century via a virtual reality. Of course, all things modern tech involve an element of Stark, and Tony was roped into the project. But the world wasn't real and the trial ended, taking Steve's and Tony's memory of the time away.

Despite their bumpy (re)introduction during the Loki Incident, the Avengers begin to gravitate towards each other to become a true team. Along the way, Steve and Tony struggle with déjà vu and dreams that don't seem quite like dreams. After Iron Man suffers severe injuries during a battle, memories of meeting Steve the first time around come rushing back.

Character notes: Primary focus is, and will remain, on Tony and Steve. Thus far, except for the opening scene/prologue the scenes alternate between 3rd person-limited POV from Tony or Steve's perspectives. The only pairings outright stated or dealt with in-fic (thus far) are canon Pepper/Tony (though they break up amicably) and Steve/Tony. There's vague implications of other romantic pairings that aren't solid even in my headcanon. Somehow Clint and Tony ended up being close friends, and that friendship is something I'd like to develop better in revisions.

Timeline: There's a lot of story background that happens pre-Avengers (2012) but post IM2 (and most of CA), though the fic reveals this mostly in flashback-dreams. There will be chapters that cover some of the Avengers film timeline, then most of the story is set post-Avengers without considering (at the moment) any events from Phase Two films.

General content notes... swearing; targeted amnesia; hurt/comfort; unreliable flashbacks; Coulson lives; Pepper-and-Tony-make-good-friends; banter; Tony-says-he's-not-a-team-player-but-he-has-a-club-house; Thor and Bruce currently have minor roles. Oh, and at the moment there is an explicit sex scene (dream) but it's not really connected to anything, so it may be dropped. Something else may be added.

Other things to note: --If Fury or Hill is your favorite person ever and you don't want any questionable aspirations shadowing them, that might be a problem; I adore them both but with influence of the World Security Council, several questionable things went down and that needs to be dealt with. --While my main knowledge is MCU and that's what the fic is based on, elements of over Marvel 'verses (namely 616) have influences on revision. Biggest one to note is that I've decided that revised version will have the Avengers HQ setting up at Stark's mansion rather than the Tower.

Now for the notes about my desperate need for alpha reader...
1) The very rough, rough (I tend to call it a pre-)draft I currently have is as it was back on November 30, 2012. This includes my random notes, my lack of contractions, my off-track commentary to myself... the whole shebang. Most of my notes and extraneous words/scenes are in [brackets] or crossed out. I've gone through the paper copy to make those very basic changes but still haven't gotten to inputting those basic changes on the computer.

2) Which leads us to #2. So... I decided to start using Scrivener for my revising process. I've split up all the scenes into chapters I have outlined. I've also included my outline/large revision notes. I can export this as another file, I know, but I'm not sure what that looks like.

1&2 UPDATE I have a compiled first draft that has been generally proofed, irrelevant notes/tangents removed, etc. I have both Scrivener files and Word *.doc files of the draft.

3) There are major chunks of story missing. There are roughly two chapters for film timeline that haven't a single word written. There are also major gaps of development between important sections. And I really need more with the ending. I'm happier with it now than I was when first writing, but it definitely needs major work.

4) I do not want nit-picking. Basic typoes and wording that really throws you off I'd like to fix, but those are very, very low on my list of concerns right now. I do want (and need!) help developing believable character voices, plot flow, and help filling in the plot holes.

I won't number this point, but I do want to note that as much as I love the internet and my computer, I have a life beyond it and it's often very full. (I will need to start looking for a job soon, which adds a whole new level of stress onto things.) That said, I would like to work with someone who's able to be in contact in some way/shape/form at least once a week, even if it's to say that your own life is crazy but you took a glance at one scene and had a question. I just... need to know someone's out there and helping hold me accountable to finishing this thing. :p

Anyone left? I'm going to have to look this over tomorrow. I'm falling asleep at the keyboard so I'd better head for sleepytimes. ~_~ Please contact me (comments or DM is fine) if you have any questions or if you're interested! Thanks y'all.

Word Count (because I forgot to note this at first) My estimate that is that even when I end up completely removing the misc. notes/lines/paragraphs, this unfinished pre-draft clocks at minimum of 45K. That's likely an underestimate given that I finished NaNo with over 54k with this fic.