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Starring Role dominates my writing time these days. I love playing in the 'verse and I hadn't really expected it. I've been writing in Scrivener (yeah, I love this program now) and have four folders designating different stories within the verse, good lord. I'm this close to wrapping the Avengers timeline story, I think two more scenes will do it. I've gotten distracted by various ideas for a "x times the team wondered about Toni's secrets" though.

But I titled this as HELP, right? Well I am still in desperate need for someone to talk with over some ideas and get some feedback on how things are going. I'm still in the gen stages of things. (Pairing-wise I am at the pre-Coulson/Pepper phase, which will be a side pairing, and the "x times" is the first hint of the Steve/Toni I'm ultimately aiming for.)

Anyway, I'm off to possibly write more likely grind levels and such in FF7 and watch Cryoatic play MGS -- which is alright but I extremely dislike the chauvinistic prick Snake, and it is such a ridiculously testosterone-soaked game. Ugh.