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So glad I didn't wait to see Cap2. Got out to see one of the first showings at a nice little theatre in Asheville and had maybe 10-15 other people in the place. Preview for X-Men: Days of Future Past looks fun. I know it's apt to be ridiculous, but I tend to enjoy the films anyway so it'll be good.

But anyway, onto the reactions!!

Right off the bat let me say:
- This would have been the perfect opening for a Black Widow film. For fuck's sake, Marvel, get your heads out of your asses. Nat's off to "find herself" or something and that would make for an awesome film where Barton chases after her, determined not to let her go alone with her covers blown, and they shall be BFFs.

- Robert Redford was excellent for a role of political machinations, though I'm used to him being on the "good" sides of things like this in his former films.

- OH! How could I forget my reaction during film and immediately after: DID JOSS WHEDON JUST GET JOSSED? I mean, if S.H.I.E.L.D. is basically kaput... what's that mean for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Are they gonna be like, a secondary Avengers team? What is SWORD - could that be something they lead into? I don't know enough about these things.

- Pietro and Wanda! Ha! Fun to see them as a little lead-in during the credits. Now... MCU doesn't really get to use Mutants due to copyright issues, yeah? And it seems like from this little clip that the twins' powers are the result of some experimentation with one of the Infinity gems. (And did Loki's staff seriously not get passed back to Asgard? Damn it Thor, you should put up more of an argument for that type of thing!)

Alright, now let's break things down a bit.

IMO, The Good
- Sam Wilson's great. I love his introduction right at the beginning as the runner that Cap harrasses. ("Don't you say it!" "On your left!") I'm not familiar on the details of comics-verse Sam, though I know it's quite different, but as an MCU character I'm content with the setup of his background and I like that Steve's got his first friend that he met by himself.

- Natasha kicked ass. She got to go undercover, she got to do a bit of politicking, she hacked, she (electro-)shocked, and she had a good amount of screen time. While I appreciate her loveliness, I could have done without the blantantly obvious "check out her ass and how she sways her hips" shots.

- Zola! Good, he came back into play. I'm not convinced his legacy's eradicated. Was certainly interesting to see "him" in the bunker.

- Senator Ass-Clown as a Hydra member, ha! Figures. That amused me.

- Peggy. I'm glad we saw Steve go to see her. It absolutely gutted me when she displayed dementia, though. I cried a little, I know it's because I just saw my (honorary) grandmother the other day and she's basically been in a catatonic stage of dementia for several years. (I'm in North Carolina staying with her partner.) Anyway, My heart utterly broke for Steve but I'm so proud of him for visiting with her.

- Maria Hill and Nick Fury. Adored Nick, really loved getting to see him in action and getting his character developed some more. Also digging the Maria Hill action here. (Though this movie really should have been something like "Captain America and adventures in SHIELD" rather than The Winter Soldier.)

- The name drops, bringing us back to remembering this film is part of a very broad, all-encompassing and rich universe. Stark, Banner, New York, and did y'all hear Steven Stephen Strange's name come up? (Interesting, now that I think about it, that nothing about Hank Pym got dropped in given that Ant Man is coming up. Did I miss something?)

- Oh! Steve's notebook of things to check out! It was adorable. I loved him listing things about current day and then mentioning that he's getting up to date on things via Internet. :3 Also him stopping Natasha before she tries to explain War Games to him as a film reference. Heehee.

IMO, The Not-So-Great or Outright Bad
- Completely ridding S.H.I.E.L.D. Even though that works within the film itself and is honestly the only path of action that makes sense, I'm not overly keen with it seeming to disappear. Refer to my earlier note of: Did Whedon just get Jossed?!

- Kind of tied to that, the movie tried to fit A LOT in. My current thought is that it managed it fairly well. I mean, it does make sense that a highly trained assasin like the Winter Soldier would come into play to take out the high-risk players... but at the same time there were a lot of story threads trying to get attention and I'm not sure how I feel about Winter Soldier himself. (I am glad that Agent 13 was little more than a footnote, however. Now wasn't the time to really bring her in.)

- Did not dig Natasha pressing the get-Steve-a-Date thing. In a way I could see that being a possibility for her to try to have some "normal people" type of interaction with him, but... Meh. I'm just not into romance in my canon for MCU. I like that to my fanfiction. ;p

- So... Hydra's intact. They didn't fuck with it like they did with AIM (something I really hated with IM3 - it seemed to begin and end with Killian and it was just... No.) Even so, I think I need time to process what my feelings are on the matter that the agents were so abundant in S.H.I.E.L.D. (and was that just in HQ? What about stations around the world?) and also the implication that the Starks were killed by Hydra. That was kind of interesting, though. Anyway, file Hydra under mixed reactions, still deciding.

- Sitwell! WHAT?! This just really bothers me, I was literally muttering to myself "Sitwell? What the hell?!" in the theatre.

- Going under this heading, I laughed when Stark Industries Human Resources panned over to reveal Maria Hill. XD I want to know what the hell she'd be doing. And, well, I also find it weird because I get the feeling that she wouldn't get along with Stark and even if she wasn't having to interact with him directly, Stark would find out she was applying and/or hired and then would make it his mission to harrass her for Reasons. So yeah. Dunno what I think about Hill being the one showing up there.

And Misc / Things I wish were possible
- As soon as Fury couldn't unlock/decode the encrypted files, I was shaking with the urge to yell "Stark!" Many. Times. Especially when they determined the need to take down the Helicarriers. Stark created the repulsion technology, thus seems like he'd know the ins and outs of powering the damn things, and OMFG they need Tony Stark because Fury would know the jerk would have a "backdoor" to his tech, which obviously would be why you can't really trust Stark with creating all your security even if he's likely the best at it. (OK, going towards headcanon, I know.)

- Clint. Even if we didn't get the other Avengers, Clint and Natasha were presented as pretty tight during the Avengers and I really would have liked to see him come into play. Clint's a top agent, they could have at least mentioned the guy. ("Off on assignment." "Is Barton's cover compromised?" SOMETHING.) Seems like he'd have a reaction to shit blowing up in DC and come to check on Natasha, or Fury, or even Cap. Then he could be bird buddies with Falcon. For the bird puns that could follow.

- Coulson. So if Natasha unlocked all the secrets on file and released it worldwide, Coulson should be noted somewhere, right? (At least I'd hope.) Even before that, I feel like super-spy Natasha would have heard about Coulson's team by now and investigated and while she and Cap are bonding (or at least when they part ways as the film ends) she could maybe pass on the news that Coulson's alive? IDK, man.

- And just in general, ideally I would love to see more of the superheroes appearing together. I know that production-wise, filming, and costs and contracts, that doesn't really work out. But damn it, even a voice on the phone would be good, y'know? (At least we got the freaking HILARIOUS appearance of Loki'd Cap in Thor2. And even sleepy Bruce in the after-credits of IM3.) I love that Natasha gets to float around, but I'd like to see some of the others (c'mon, Clint fits the category of semi-free-agent, right?), plus Widow needs her own damn movie. With Agent May. And Hill can come too.

ANYWAY, still need to process details, which probably won't happen til I get to see the movie again - whether in theatres or eventually at home. Still need to decide what I'll take away from canon to file into my headcanon, which continues to remain heavily grounded in Phase One films. At least I'm not dismissing things outright like I did with IM3 (seriously, that just fucked all sorts of things, so IM3 is outside my accepted headcanon despite being a fairly good movie).

Now we'll see if this jump-starts the muses for MCU writing or if my muses stick with me for this fairytale-inspired Hunger Games fic that I have about 18 handwritten pages finished from the past couple days.

P.S. I'm sure there's some people spazzing about Cap's shield, but I'm totally not worried. Someone's going to drag it out and get it back to him pretty quick. I was rather surprised he willingly dropped it through the broken window, though. I feel like someone needs to do a comic where he freaks out about dropping it, maybe having thought the window was still there, and he flails for his BB, abruptly forgetting that Bucky's standing there and still all "I don't know you, man."

P.P.S. Also among my wishlist - Stark meets up with Cap and Sam and is like "Kid, I saw your shit jetpack. If you're going to be running around with superheroes, you need to look the part. Try this prototype - no, Rogers, it won't explode. Jesus, paranoid much? Where was I? Oh, yeah, so Wilson here's type 1 and I've got five more back at the lab. You need to try these ASAP so I can make adjustments and get the paint job done. Run along, JARVIS will be monitoring your progress."
Sam: "Um... Mr. Stark, how do I--"
Tony: "Voice commands and wear the gloves. There's this other thing-" gestures at Sam's head "-to try later. Now get. Your BFF and I have Avengers things to discuss."
Sam: dubious. "But--"
Steve: sighs. "It's fine. Just... stay close enough to hollar for help if that thing fails."
Sam: unimpressed glare.
Tony: pout. "Have a little faith in the genius, Cap. Jeez." Once Sam leaves, Tony slings an arm around Steve's shoulders (obviously awkward because of height difference, but he persists); leans in with voice slightly lowered. "Romanov gave me the scoop about your unexpected ghost. Now, I've been reading up on neuroscience and various brainwashing techniques--"
Steve: "You what?"
Tony: waves hand dismissively. "And I'm sure Bruce can help me handle that part of things. In the meantime I've been working on some prototypes that'll put that Soviet prosthetic tech to shame while being a little less, you know, deadly without sacrificing all that ability because I'm sure you'll want your first BFF with you when you're off slinging your shield around."
Steve: bewildered. "What are you talking about?"
Tony: Pulls away and throws arms wide in exasperation. "Barnes, metal arm. Me, genius tech. But first there's that whole crazy mind thing that needs to re-calibrate when it comes to identifying friends."
Steve: jaw slack, stunned. "You.... What...?"
Tony: rubs his temples. "You know what? I'm gonna give you time to process, oldtimer. I see Wilson's already pulling loop-de-loops and I'm not sure I accounted for how tight he was gonna make those turns." Stalks off, already waving down Sam.
Steve: blinks. Stares at Stark's back.


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Apr. 5th, 2014 03:57 pm (UTC)
I loved Nick Fury's arc so much in this movie. HE BURNS HIS EYEPATCH. Talk about leaving your past behind.

The first thing I thought when I saw Maria Hill at Stark Industries was, "Well, that's just a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen."

Were my eyes playing tricks on me, or was that Bryan Cranston as the evil scientist in the post-credit scene?
Apr. 5th, 2014 04:25 pm (UTC)
The first thing I thought when I saw Maria Hill at Stark Industries was, "Well, that's just a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen."

Ahaha, well I think Tony would probably see her as too dangerous to push her buttons in that way, but god they'd be at each other's throats in an instant.

And I dunno about the credit scene... It was von Strucker, right?
Apr. 5th, 2014 04:37 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I just read something about it and the actor is Thomas Kretschmann. So it was my eyes playing tricks on me.
Apr. 5th, 2014 10:18 pm (UTC)
Just saw the movie and I agree with in many points. Just one thing: I think they totalled SHIELD, because someone will insist in putting in backtogether. That Fury vanishes at the end, is my cue that they will put Tony Stark in as director ... at IM4?

Depends on how Age of Ultron will go, but it would make sense if there isn't a top-notch world organisation helping the team. Beside if "Civil War" is to be an issue sometime in the future, it would make sense to put Tony in a position, where he gets to be Director. Appointed by the "evil" goverment, who wants the SHRA to happen.

One hint that might support my theory is that Maria Hill works for Stark Industries at the end. She deals with Tony various times and has been director as well.

Apr. 6th, 2014 02:27 am (UTC)
There were so many things to love about this movie, and I cannot wait to see what AoS does with this new landscape. I think they've been building up to this, but man. Cannot wait.
Apr. 6th, 2014 03:18 am (UTC)
I haven't watched AoS since November. I think maybe I saw an episode past the Thor2 tie-in ep. Yeah, it's been ages. I've sucked at keeping up with ANY show. (I still need to watch the latest season of Haven!)

Anyway, yeah, I really loved the film. Super happy so far with the Thor and Cap sequels. I just can't accept IM3 into canon (though obviously it is, now) though it was a decent movie on its own. Very interested in (and a bit nervous about!) what's to come with the fallout of these events.
( 6 comments — Leave a comment )