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Rocking the NaNoWriMo

Holy molely, I'll be hitting 50k shortly. Like, wowzah! And I know where I'm ending. I have a legit beginning. I'm flabbergasted.

Synopsis: Dean and Sam Winchester split ways in the wake of Lucifer's rising. When his last conversation with Dean leaves Sam convinced there's no hope of reconciliation, Sam sets out to find his redemption in stopping Lucifer on his own.

Little did he know he would find companionship with an old friend, Jo Harvelle, and the King of the Crossroads during his pursuit.

And now for a few excerpts.

Maybe... maybe Sam is the one thinking of this wrong. Didn't Dad end up dead when they were all together? Maybe John and Dean are right and in the end, as much as the two of them had always espoused family above all, being in close quarters is what will doom them. Dad trades for Dean. Dean trades for me. I go off the rails trying to reach Dean. It only leads to disaster again and again and again.

Same song, different verse, Sam thinks, and then chuckles a little hysterically as he recalls Jessica (no, Lucifer, the bastard wearing her body) saying that to him in his dream.


Sam hears Jo jogging after him. He barely resists the urge to sigh in frustration. He picks up his pace and hears Jo match his actions. He ignores her as he reaches the truck and unlocks the driver's door. He hops it and closes the door, double-checking the locks.

Jo's hand slams against the passenger side window. Sam finally looks at her and finds a stormy expression on the small blond's face. "Sam Winchester, don't you fucking dare drive away from me!" She smacks the window again. Sam is sorely tempted to continue ignoring her. He gets as far as sticking his key in the ignition, then Jo jumps in front of the truck and glares at him defiantly through the windshield.

Sam groans and drops his head back against the headrest. Jo could give Dean a run for his money in the stubborness department. As much as he does not want to, he leans over to open the passenger door. Jo watches him carefully for a long moment before dashing back to the door as if worried Sam will pull out as soon as she steps out of the way.

As Jo pulls herself in, Sam is surprised to see that she pulls a duffle in alongside her. Jo slams the door shut and settles the bag at her feet before pulling on the seatbelt. When Sam continues to stare at her silently, Jo looks up at him with an expentant look. "Well? You were in a real hurry to get going a minute ago."


"Last time he trusted a demon he was tricked into starting this whole mess." Jo's lips thin as she eyes the demon. "I'm not thrilled about any of this myself."
Crowley scowls. "You give the chit too much credit, or you underestimate the floppy- haired giant. Took more than a sneaky bitch leading him around by his dick. Or have you forgotten about his other half and all the other players on the board?"

"You don't blame him," Jo realizes with some surprise.

"Of course I do! Both of those bloody Winchesters. Dumb bastards broke the first and final Seals and let loose the fucking devil. The perfect little puppets." Crowley sneers at the now empty doorway. "Stalling only means continuing to play out this damned script. Grow a pair and buck the bloody system, or it's already over."

Crowley lets go of Jo's arm abruptly and his hands drop to his sides, fingers curled into fists.

"You believe in choice," Jo observes. She ignores Crowley's attempted sneer. "It's why you're letting Sam make the decision."


Jo's jaw is clenched so tight that she is near to grinding her teeth. "Let us out, asshole," she snaps.

"Or what?" the Trickster mocks.

Crowley grunts and finally pulls himself off the floor. He actually looks a little dazed and there is a dark bruise surrounded with scrapes on his forehead; clear to see now that his hat has been knocked off. The demon bares his teeth at the Trickster in what sounds like a hiss.
"Nice, kitty," the Trickster says dryly and snaps his fingers. A pair of pointed black ears and a cat tail appear on the demon.
"Enough!" Crowley roars as he pulls a wooden stake from beneath his jacket.
Thought he said that wouldn't work, Jo thinks with some exasperation.
The Trickster grins and spreads his arms, leaving his torso exposed. Crowley demons his way into the Trickster's personal space, but instead of aiming for the heart, the demon slams the stake down through the Trickster's foot.
"Motherfucker!" the exclamation is a mix of shock, anger, and pain.
The cargo bay of Serenity flickers around them with static. Crowley moves away from the Trickster, expression grim as he draws shoulder to shoulder with Jo.


"Let me go, Jo," he says, his voice a threatening rumble. His eyes do not turn their focus. Jo has to wrestle Dean's arm back down to his side and manuvers around his tense grip to engage the safety.
"He's helping," she snaps. "If you're not going to work with us on taking down Famine, we'll leave your sorry ass here. Are you in or out?"
Dean's jaw visibly clenches and Jo can tell he is tempted to walk away. She keeps a firm hold of his arm, leery of him taking aim at Crowley again.
"Where's Sam?" Dean mutters, gaze flicking to Jo. "Why's he 'resting'?"
Jo considers her answer a moment. Deciding Dean needs the incentive, she admits, "Famine's mojo is getting to him."
Dean gives a curt nod. "Cas, too," he admits.


Sam steps back, away from Dean and out of Jo's touch. He shakes his head sharply. "I'm not doing that again. Not the panic room."
"It's the only place you're safe and I can keep an eye on you," Dean argues, expression firm but pleading.
"Not again," Sam repeats, shaking his head. "I can't do that again," he hates how his voice breaks.
Jo injects quietly, "Maybe something else, then."
"You don't know how it goes," Dean snaps, glaring at her. "You weren't there to see what this does to him."
"I know your fear isn't doing any good!" Jo retorts. Her hand reaches for Sam again but he steps clear. She shoots him a worried look.
"Don't you go—"
"Sam just saved us and all you can think about is locking him up as soon as possible?" Jo demands, expression incredulous. "Do you ever listen to yourself, Dean?"
"Sammy, you know I'm right," Dean says, apparently deciding to ignore Jo's accusation.
The power flowing under his skin right now feels as good as it does wrong. Sam stares at his hands and marvels at how solid he feels, how suddenly secure. He wonders why he can't have this feeling without the blood. He looks up at his brother's face. Dean's jaw is set but there is fear and concern in his eyes. Sam knows he should go with Dean, he has the feeling that detoxing in the panic room is the best course of action. But he can already feel the flashbacks creeping up to prey on his mind. He can't do that again.


"Breathe, love," Crowley says quietly from the passenger seat. Jo blinks angrily against the burning in her eyes. "He'll be back."

"They killed him!" Jo bursts out, slamming her fist against the wheel and momentarily causing the car to swerve. Crowley reaches over and helps steady the wheel. "Those fuckers killed him and I... I let them walk! What the h— I should've shot them."
"Won't argue that," Crowley mutters. "But let's focus on the present, shall we? Have you been present at any previous 'miraculous' ressurections?"
It makes Jo sick to acknowledge that this has happened before — that Sam has died and come back. Come back against his will, because she is neither blind nor stupid and has seen scars that could be nothing other than self-inflicted. She shakes her head silently and swallows down bile.
"I suspect it wise to find a place to stop." Crowley's tone suggests he knows that Jo will not be pulling off the road any time soon. The idea of being motionless makes something like fear crawl up Jo's spine. "Eventually," Crowley relents.
"Where is he?" Jo asks quietly. Her eyes dart to the rearview mirror and she can just see Sam's knees as they pass under a highwayside light.
She catches Crowley turning around to look in the back from the corner of her eye. "Here's the thing, love," he says, tone tinged with bitter amusement, "the Powers That Be would have you believe Gigantor's soul is Hellbound. One of Azazel's children groomed for destruction, the Devil's vessel. Surely such a creature is destined for the Pit." Crowley barks a laugh and Jo sees a glint of light off his teeth for a moment. "But tell me, Miss Harvelle, do you believe the man you know is doomed to damnation?"
"Not if there's a an ounce of justice left in the world."
Crowley tips his head in acknowledgement. He says, "Contrary to popular belief, the road to Hell is rarely paved with good intentions." After a pause, he amends, "Unless making a Deal at the Crossroads."


"You'll be back, don't worry," Gabriel says. "Your buddies would like to speed the process along but I thought I'd give you a tip. That path you're so dedicatedly following?"
Sam returns his attention to the voice on the radio. "Yeah?"
"Takes a variety of forms but it's known as the Axis Mundi. Keep following it and you might find someone worth talking to."
"That's not cryptic at all," Sam says sarcastically.
"Shut your pie hole. You don't want to look into it, it's no skin off my nose, buddy boy."
"Tell me who it is, at least," Sam says.
Gabriel laughs. "A gardener."
"Good luck, kiddo."


Gabriel shakes his head with a small smile. "You damned fools." He stands up and spreads his arms. "There you have it, folks. Don't know what hope you have, can't say I recommend it, but you morons don't know when to quit." He shrugs. "I'm not coming after you when get yourselves killed next time," he warns. "One off deal, here."
"You could help us," Jo tries to argue. "We could use your help."
Gabriel snorts quietly and looks around their little group. "What, Team Freak? Sweetheart, this little misfit toys club you've got is adorable, but no. Not for me." He slips his hands into his pockets and leans back on his heels. "Nope," he says, popping the p sound. "I still have work to do and fun to be had before the shitstorm fully hits. I'm not spending my time on some hopeless quest."
"Then why say anything at all?" Sam asks warily.
Gabriel frowns and does not quite meet the hunter's eyes when he replies. "Told you, I know you're not going to quit. If you're going to try, you might as well work on something that has the vaguest of possibilities of working."
Crowley stands and smooths the line of his suit. "Well. This is where we part, then."
Gabriel arches an eyebrow at the demon. "Yes," he says dryly, "I'd recommend not calling on me again."
"You could've ignored it," Crowley dismisses, unconcerned.
"Thank you," Jo tells Gabriel as she gets to her feet. His amber eyes fix on her and she feels like he is looking past her physical form. It makes her shiver uncomfortably.
Gabriel cocks his head and says, "Watch your step, kid."
Sam rises last. He continues to watch Gabriel with a contemplative expression. When he steps away from his chair, he holds out a hand to the angel, who stares at it like it is an explosive. "Thank you," Sam says. "For helping me, and letting us make our choice."
Gabriel scowls and turns his nose up at Sam's offer of a handshake. "What sort of chaos god would I be without letting you bastards fuck up with your choices?"
Sam withdraws his hand, looking only a little slighted. "We'll stop this," he tells Gabriel. "And..." Gabriel eyes Sam warily as the word trails off. Sam does not meet the angel's eyes as he finishes quietly, "I'm sorry. About your brothers."
Jo watches as the angel's expression shutters. Gabriel mutters, "Screw you." A moment later, he disappears, as do the furnishings he had brought into existence.


So.... I think plot-wise I'm a little more than halfway? This is turning out to be a long sucker XD


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Dec. 7th, 2014 07:07 am (UTC)
wow. WOW. I really, really like this. I never thought someone would write something with a platonic Sam-Jo-Crowley dynamic. It's different and interesting and I really like it. I hope to see more. For me, the characterizations were pretty spot on and the flow is good, and what I've read is awesome. Like I said awhile ago, I hope to see more. p.s. I saw this from your tumblr post. I don't have a livejournal account so I'm sorry that I had to comment this on anon. -C
Dec. 11th, 2014 12:34 am (UTC)
Re: wow.
:) I've really been enjoying writing this. Need encouragement to get the rest of it finished... and I really do need a pre-reader so that I can do some idea bouncing. >_>

Who're you on tumblr? I directed people this way because it's my primary social platform but I can also connect on Tumblr ^_^
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