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Avengers: Age of Ultron

I have a lot of feelings about fictional characters, OK?

It's been several hours since seeing the moving and I still haven't been able to process my feelings. There's things I like, there's things I didn't like. I have mixed feelings in so very many degrees.

Canon and headcanon re: my future fic: Pretty sure my considerations for "canon" events when writing fic will basically be limited to Phase 1, Thor: Dark World, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I could take elements of Age of Ultron, perhaps, but it's not got much that I'm feeling solidly behind right now.

My reactions aren't really coherent here. Very mixed feelings, like I said. Mostly my heart just aches a lot because CHARACTER FEELINGS. Just some general things to note at the moment.

+ I don't much dig pushing romance in the films (I'd much rather see friendship building) but I did like much of the Bruce and Natasha relationship. (Mostly I enjoyed the flirting at the party early on. And Natasha with the Hulk was excellent.)

+ JARVIS feels. I knew he'd (sort of) be back with Vision, but it was kind of a gut-punch when Ultron smashed him (and Tony's reaction!)

+ Tony feels. Oh god, my feels. It kills me to see him orchestrating his own destruction aas he tries to do what he thinks is right. Overall, I think they did a good job with his character.

+ Tony and Fury scene. A bit bordering on a heart-to-heart... Tony opening up. There was this sort of connection there that... was kind of awesome. I'd like more exploration of the dynamic between these two. As much as there's distrust and wariness within their interactions throughout the movies, there's a certain respect and the element of parent-child relationship there, too, now that I'm thinking about it.

+ Vision. What can I say? I'm very happy he's here. I'm sad that JARVIS seems to mostly be gone now, but I like this rise of Vision, who's an interesting combination of Ultron, JARVIS, Asgardian magic (thanks, Thor!), and the mind gem.

+ Appearances of various MCU characters. Especially appreciated Rhodey getting decent screentime in this film. Would have loved more Falcon -- I adore Sam -- but was very excited to have Rhodes in play.

+ Bruce/Natasha (for the most part I liked it, as mentioned above, but I could have done with a little less of it if we'd gotten additional team-building, plz)

(Not so much cons as... unsure responses or general dislikes)

- WTF Bartons?! I don't know how to feel about it. Less negative feelings and more just... having hard time assimilating it into my MCU headcanon.

- Setup for Civil War stuff. Not actually a con in the sense of "bad" or even poorly done, it's more that I'm in denial that we're going to get that in MCU. I don't.... I just don't want it D: So much denial from me. And I keep denying that it'll work effectively in the movie realm, but the truth is that I'm hugely emotionally invested in these characters no matter if I'd try to stop or not, and it's just gonna rip me apart. So much self-sabotaging going on within here (especially on the parts of Tony and Bruce.) I don't know... I just can't talk about this still. XD (Yes I'm laughing at myself over this, IDEK.)

- No Coulson cameo *pouts* Yes it's counting as a legitimate con because damn it, I'd appreciate some acknowledgement from the Avengers whether or not any of them know about Coulson being alive!

- Lack of connection to IM3. Just because I don't acknowledge it as canon in my little universe doesn't mean it's supposed to disappear from MCU. Did I miss anything supposedly connecting back to it? Mostly I find it odd that nothing's mentioned (or really hinted?) as to his previous suits that Tony blew sky-high at the end of IM3. I didn't need it to be harped on, but it just seemed... odd. A missing piece.

- Like with The Winter Soldier (as I wrote in my reaction post last year), I felt like the movie was trying to pack a lot in here - perhaps more than it should. It works, don't get me wrong, but I do get the feeling like we lose out because there were so many things to incorporate. Largely due to an increasing cast of characters. What's sort of at odds for me at the moment is this sense of two story arcs vying for... attention, perhaps. There's Strucker's experiments and the Maximoffs and then there's Ultron. Both things at once... I mean, how else would it be done? But at the same time it doesn't quite mesh as well as I'd like.

*throws hands in the air helplessly* So all the "cons" really are just emotional reactions, apparently, and not actual critiques. It's a good movie, there's good characters and solid elements, but somehow the way that everything got put together and presented just leaves me feeling really conflicted. And wanting to retreat deeply into the realm of Scifigrl47's fics. Well, many fic options, but the universes woven by Scifigrl are unquestionably my favorite.

Hoping I can get myself writing again. I, er, have a reversebang fic to write (oh shit, I'm soooooooooo behind). I'd also like to actually, y'know, progress and get to some sort of reasonable end for my post-Cap2 universe fic.

P.S./edit: I very desperately wanted Tony and Vision!JARVIS to hug. I really wanted JARVIS to be able to hug Tony. Because emotions.

*wanders off, still in emotional turmoil*


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May. 3rd, 2015 02:44 am (UTC)
I loved the movie, but I did have my quibbles.

1. I didn't mind the idea of Clint with a secret family, because they seem to be taking a lot of elements of Hawkeye's character from Ultimates, and he had a secret family there, too. But it did seem to be a little bit out of left field, especially since we knew nothing about him from the last movies.

2. You're totally right about the lack of reference to IM3, and it's weird.

3. I am really struggling to figure out how they're going to do Civil War in the MCU. I suspect it's going to be really different than the comics version, because everybody knows who the Avengers are here. Even Bruce is well known enough so that there's the threat of calling for Bruce's arrest after the thing with Hulk in South Africa.

4. I loved the early flirting with Natasha and Bruce, and how completely awkward Bruce was. As a diehard Science Bros fan, I didn't mind that relationship as much as I thought I would. My only complaint is that I really like the fact that Natasha has never really been put in the role as someone's girlfriend, and I think I'd have preferred it to stay that way.

5. I love the Vision, but I'm very sad to know that Jarvis is gone. RIP, Jarvis.

So, I loved it, but I do think that Joss may have tried to do too much, and I would have loved more of Natasha's backstory. I also would have loved to not have Quicksilver die.
May. 3rd, 2015 03:00 am (UTC)
1) Yeah, the out of the blue thing is just going to take some getting used to. (Plus an overload of fanon Phil/Clint that is impossibly to disregard, lol)

3) I'm not actively looking for information on things, but I have a friend who keeps up with the MCU news. From what she's said (whether it's pure speculation or based on something out there), it sounds like there might be more of an angle/emphasis of government control. Which I could see, given what we see of Tony's viewpoint in AoU and what we get from Steve in both Winter Soldier and here.

4) My feelings, too. I like the flirting, I like flirting and potential in general for my canon, and I'm not much of an outright romance-in-canon fan. (It's so very, very rare that I prefer canon couples anyway, lol, so that likely has an impact.)


Yeah... lots of mixed feelings. There's a lot to cram into these films, since the comics provide such a wealth of time and complicated stories to build up the characters. That lack of being able to have a super solid backstory with intricate character relationships is actually why I was frustrated at the idea of bringing Civil War to MCU when rumors first started. I haven't been able to bring myself to read that damn arc yet (admittedly I've done more research about the comics than reading them) because of the crazy awful emotions involved there. Because I get far too emotionally involved with characters (and especially with Tony, he is my broken darling), the film version will still rip me apart, but I feel like it's not going to have the same sort of impact that 616 Civil War had - and was meant to have.

Wow, Marvel, you give me so many feelings and make me ramble. x_x
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