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Post-Age of Ultron story idea

A part of me wants this all to stop before events in MCU spiral out of control and lead to Civil War. I am not handling the idea of this future well, OKAY?? So... I have this horribly angsty idea and image in my head that I can't quite figure out if I'll be able to write - even if it'd be short.

Image in my mind: Vision carrying a broken Iron Man, Tony, back to the team.

My previous post regarding after movie thoughts touches on what I see as Tony self-sabotaging, self-destructing, and that process is tearing others down with him. It kills me to see it because he genuinely has best intentions. But they're born out of fears - not wholly irrational; but because it's panic and fear and emotions, the way Tony processes things and keeps sane leads to some not very good ideas. Leading to actions that have very bad consequences. This is where his solo-player versus team-player is going to lead to trouble. Work with the team, at least give the opportunity for others to talk to him about things... *sigh* There'd be some hope.

But anyway! That image sticking in my head, it originally came from a rather dark thought of "Maybe it'd be better if Tony just wasn't in the picture anymore and died here." It certainly could have happened. There's many ways to make it work - whether it be a by-proxy suicide, an accident, something heroic, something loud and flashy, or something quiet and the others not realizing what had happened until later... I don't know. As much as my heart aches ((Tony's my favorite)) from the plotbunny, there's a part of me that wants to write it or see it before Tony ends up isolating himself and the team falling to pieces.

Granted, he's not the lynchpin - and now I'm just freaking rambling. UGH! FEELINGS, have I mentioned them?? Alright, I'm done rambling for the moment. I need to go bury myself in happier things.