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(I will fully admit that I'm a little stressed about posting this. I have many feelings about this 'verse of mine...)

Female Antonia Stark universe!

Title: It's my problem is I feel the need to hide (Starring Role 'verse)
Author: Enmuse
Universe: MCU
Pairings: developing Steve/Toni, background Coulson/Pepper
Rating: Teen
Warnings: This series' universe involves Toni having had a double mastectomy under less than stellar conditions, portions of this fic deal with that.
Summary: (The (first?) major story in the Starring Role universe.) Six months after the Battle of New York, Toni has yet to reveal Iron Man's identity to the team. Maintaining her secret identity is only one of many problems, though, as she builds new armors, struggles with developing relationships with her teammates, works on company projects, and tries to figure out why there's a group of people wearing yellow jumpsuits striking at her company. Keeping her secret identity is one of many problems, that is, until everything comes back around to that one secret.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/4746218/chapters/10848647