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Plot bunny pile -- Avengers

I need to herd some plotbunnies out into the open air. Maybe someone will get inspired. I'm actually wondering where to post some of these so that they'll get attention. I'm having enough trouble writing a couple missing chapters so that my Starring Role fic can get posted, I do not have the capability to write all these things filling my head. X_X Note that most (not all) of these have some mention of Steve/Tony but the ideas could be adapted to suit your pairing or non-pairing of choice.

Classic Katherine Hepburn/Cary Grant film. Holiday

Steve in the role of Cary Grant, with his friends Peggy and Bucky (or Natasha and Bucky) - could include more friends, obviously.

Tony as Katherine Hepburn role. It's his brother or sister that Steve first falls for. Perhaps Clint in the role of the maudlin drunk brother?

The person Steve originally falls for could be an OC or someone like Eziekiel Stane or Tiberius Stone or Gregory Stark?

Including Pepper and Rhodey would be good but would be roles beyond the film's cast.

Bioshock Infinite
Character relationships from the source material should be altered significantly, BUT Tony in an Elizabeth role and Steve in Dewitt's role. I have notes and suggestions and a couple resources gathered for this idea so, seriously, if someone's intrigued (hell, Dewitt role could even be someone else, I'd roll with it) I will chat your ear off. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I think my favorite playthrough of the game is Jesse Cox's, which can be found here.

This is a plot bunny I've posted about before. I have more to say about it, but to very simply plant the idea in my readers' minds... Tony as the genius director of Global Dynamic and Steve as the down-to-earth new town sheriff.

I had this idea while marathoning Fringe a few months ago and maybe I'll do a drabble some day. I had a scene that came to mind and piqued my interest. Tony in a role similar to Peter. I swear my only issue with this is that it means I'd have to accept (some version) of Howard as an OK guy and, ugh. Steve as Olivia.


Inspired by AoU but could be set whenever. Tony, Nick, and Natasha commiserate over their willingness to go to extraordinary lengths to protect... the world/people they care about/etc.

I've always had a weakness for Tony-Natasha bonding/friendship/understanding. AoU then gave us the barn scene with Nick and Tony and I was reminded that I've wondered before about Fury and Tony potentially having a connection. There's a couple opportunities throughout MCU that suggest Fury having a certain amount of respect (and possibly even understanding) for Tony.


While humorous on its own, this could totally be angst but....
"Maybe I should become a luddite."
"Pull the other one, Stark."


And there's one other one related to Age of Ultron with a move comics-verse version of Extremis but there's a story there that I might like to pursue so I'll keep the details to myself.

Also, just in general I could use more of the following relationships in my life: Sam Wilson & Tony Stark (bromance or romance IDC); Clint Barton/Tony Stark; Natasha Romanov & Tony Stark (friendship, mutual respect, romance IDC); James Barnes/Tony Stark/Steve Rogers (because fic people have made me fall in love with James and Tony and I'd love for all of my guys to be together)