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NaNoWriMo prep

So first I thought I was going to do the Age of Ultron AU idea I've been thinking about BUT then I've been reading a lot of inspirational articles on writing advice and Stephen King's On Writing and I wanted more freedom and unpredictability than doing an lternate canon was going to give me.

I've now been scrambling for a pen and paper at least once every couple hours or so to jot down the next idea. I'm finally going to tackle that niggling idea I've had for at least a couple of years-- loosely based Eureka AU. :D I'm excited. Now to keep that momentum up until and through November! I might play around with some scenes before them so I get practice in.

I do need to get my Starring Role fic finished, I know I know. Just need to sit myself down and crank out drafts of the remaining missing scenes so I can revise and get them posted.

And some movie/tv show notes and how they relate to good and bad writing:

The terrible/atrocious Transformers: Age of Extinction. I cannot believe I let that whole thing play (2.75 hours, cripes) even if I happened to be taking notes and doing other things during it. One of the most worthless movies I've ever seen, which is a shame since Kelsey Grammar and Stanley Tucci are fabulous actors and played reasonably decent characters in an otherwise atrocious film. The stories (far too many of which were trying to fit into a single film) did not capture my interest on any emotional level. The human father-daughter and her secret-boyfriend were trite and full on stupid, bland trope archetypes. *waves hands* I don't have fully coherent words for the stupid. I keep checking Netflix's countdown time to see if the damn thing was near to being over yet.

The OK Finally saw The Blair Witch Project. Wasn't horrible like I'd been told. Not great, either, but I happen to be biased to the very well done YouTube sensation Marble Hornets that's in a similar vein. From what I understand, Blair Witch was actually the first film of that faux documentary type and I consider it pretty good then.

The good A 1974 horror cult film with Vincent Price (and Peter Cushing) entitled Madhouse was actually very enjoyable. Rather tropey but with enough spark of suspense to keep it interesting. I can't resist a good Vincent Price flick, either. I highly enjoy the ending.

And now I'm watching Wolverine And The X-Men (it's being taken off Netflix this weekend) and I am so sad that it got canceled. Of the various Marvel animated shows I've attempted to watch, this is the one I've just kept right on watching and really enjoying. I couldn't stand X-Men Evolution and had to give it up after a couple episodes (the voice acting and terrible dialogue killed me). I'll have to try Avengers Assemble again but I found it pretty terrible. At some point I need to try EMH. But anyway, this series is really quite awesome. I'm not thrilled with Kitty so far (look, I've not read a lot of the comics, but what I have let's me know that she should be so much more awesome), but otherwise I'm really enjoying things.

THAT IS ALL *flies away*