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Play Arts figures




So I don't smoke, I only occasionally drink alcohol, my prescriptions over the years have made me extremely averse to messing with drugs recreationally, but I do believe I have an addiction. Like, I'm grimacing over how much I've spent on Play Arts figures in the past week (hundreds) but.... but! BUT! The prices jump up so effing quickly and and and.... Face-palming here. Look. I found Barret (Kai series) at a price well under the regular list price, so I finally made that purchase as I've been planning for a long while. Then I ordered the Cloud-and-Hardy-Daytona set at a decent price considering it's many years old at this point.

But... I just ordered the Kai figures for Cloud (Advent Children), Red XIII, and Tifa (wtf, I'm not even fond of her character?!) at or slightly below original list price. Did price comparisons before purchasing. See, Cloud is already usually found at $160+ around the web (even over $200 sometimes) so... Yeah. After losing Vivi years ago (seriously, have you SEEN how much he goes for? I'm not willing to shell out the bucks for him -- or Bahamut, no mater how much I love the summons), I've tried to be more on top of collecting figures early on. Like, the Kai Vincent figure is already consistently near or above $200 so I won't purchase it.

So, I have justifications for all this. For each of these purchases I've transferred funds from my savings account so I'm not taking it from the funds I rely on for rent and bills, etc. At the same time, I'm still kind of between jobs (substitute teaching when opportunities come up) and my new part-time job is just-above-minimum wage cashiering at Cub Foods. I know I shouldn't be making these purchases.

Argh. I just have to vent because I feel guilty, but not so guilty as to just cancel things. Cuz I know it would drive me crazy / make me angry that I missed the chance. I mean, randomly high priced figures will show up lower again (like I've seen Rinoa Play Arts at $60 and I believe I paid $90? when I was trying to complete my VIII figures belatedly). It still drives me nuts how the prices jumped from original run of Play Arts from $20-40 to minimum of $90 on average. I try very, very hard to plan out my spending on these. They're my major weakness. Thank god I haven't given in on my longing for the Marvel Hot Toys (or man, Alice of Resident Evil films Hot Toys), which are consistently hundreds of dollars a piece.

THANKS FOR LETTING ME BABBLE, INTERNET. To see pictures: http://enmuse-af.tumblr.com/ I'll do some shots of the Hardy Daytona and figures tomorrow, probably. Need some sun to improve the lighting.