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Classic films and story ideas

I found one of my favorite movies, You Can't Take it With You (1938), yesterday at the store and bought it. Watching it right now with my mom and falling in love all over again. Wasn't really paying attention to names at first, but was already thinking longingly that it would be an interesting frame for a Tony and Steve story. (Tony from the rich, proper and restricted family, Steve from the eccentric but happy household.) Then some scenes later I realize the young Kirby goes by Tony, lol, and figured it was a sign.

Anyway, this movie's amazing and I highly recommend it. I'm interested in seeing the play some day, too. The discussions are fascinating and as apropos for our current time as it was during its original release. (I started writing this post after watching the scene of Jimmy Stewart telling Jean Arthur about a dream/idea he and his buddy had in college about understanding why the grass grows green - because to understand the "engines inside each blade of grass" they could learn how to harness the power of the sun. Solar power, guys.) Anyway, just sort of fascinating to me.