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Thoughts on Mass Effect 2...


Either I never saw or utterly forgot my former roomie playing the very end of ME2. I knew things would be dire, I knew anyone and everyone could die, and I knew about Legion... but I did not know about the human-esque Reaper thing. Awesome surprise for me! (And all my crew survived, yaaay! Also, I had a ridiculous overload of resources by the end u_u)

Far superior game to ME1 due to the interesting depth of character for the cast and more in-depth story to sink into. Definitely puts this on a firm tie to my epic love of DA:O. I switched up my squad not only for the loyalty missions, but because I wanted to have the interactions. Trying to figure out how to get my hands on the meatier DLC to truly round out the game.

Glitch-wise, there were definitely some frustrating moments with the PC version I've been playing. Had to reload an auto-save or quick save several times due to suddenly finding myself walking within walls or stuck in a pillar or weird shit like that. I only had an issue with that once in ME1 where I got knocked down during the Thorian fight and fell through the wall.

There's certainly some issues I had with the game, mainly being:
- How the hell did no one have anything to say about Legion in private talks after I recruited it?? Irritated the hell out of me to finish my conversation with it (them?) and then go down to Tali AND SHE HAD NOTHING TO SAY - until the cutscene. And I brought Legion and Tali together to Illium and they said nada to each other, nor did anyone on the planet mention anything? I almost don't want to take it to the Citadel or the Floatilla for fear that no mention will come up there! (So yeah, I still need to investigate.)

- I prefer the point/leveling system of the first game, actually. I liked being able to tweak more data. On the same note, I rather missed customizing more of the weaponry and armor for teammates... but at the same time it was a huge relief not to worry about inventory management.

- My Shepard is a street orphan from Earth and the sole survivor of Akuze. I did everything (all missions) of ME1 (sans DLC), which means I got a lot of info about the shit Cerberus pulled. Including the experiments that they did on the Thresher Maws. Which killed my entire team. And Kohaku's team. And then the Admiral himself. And I got to Toombs and got him to come forward with the bastard doctor who'd been experimenting. (I appreciate that a news report and an email acknowledge the latter, at least.) But - I NEVER GOT TO MENTION MY BACKGROUND OF AKUZE AND CERBERUS - WHHHHHY? Even a few lines to acknowledge my background, even if it was ignored consequence-wise for story purposes... no mention of my character's obvious issues with the organization. 9_9

Anyway, I was delighted to flirt with Garrus and giggled my butt off at the awkwardness. And Shepard's hilarious smirks. Mordin is totally my favorite squad member, I think I had tears in my eyes from laughter when he talked to Shepard about turian-human, er, interactions... And his singing was awesome. Couldn't care less about Thane, and little care for Samara. I miss Wrex, though I was delighted with the interaction allowed when helping out Grunt. I really liked Tali's loyalty mission. As for NPCs, besides Joker and EDI being my favorite duo (all my looooove), I really like the matriarch bartender on Illium. Great conversation with her. Oh, and listening in on conversations at that club? Kinda one of my favorite things. (The bachelor party - lolz - and the turian and quarian - I 'ship it.)

Anyway. It's late. I have a long-ass shift (and fucking late) at the grocery store tomor--today. I hadn't thought I'd finish ME2 tonight, but the Collector Base was shorter than I thought so I decided to keep going until I finished. I think I've wound down enough to sleep now. (The end really did have me on edge and near vibrating with pent-up energy.)

This was EPIC and I absolutely recommend the series. Now I have to figure out what to do about acquiring ME3. I have next to no spare money right now. The "extra" goes to preferred food items with grocery, and the rare times I've gone out with a friend to lunch.