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The endings are shit. (I should leave my post there, ha!)

I finished ME3 first on a cracked version without the extended cut. Given my deep abiding love for EDI and all the goddamn depressing loss throughout the game, I went with the synthesis ending at that time. Since then, I found an affordable option (G2A.com thank you) for getting the game and did the deluxe upgrade via Origin, so $16 total. Anyway, finished that replay the other night and at first accidentally did a refusal ending (so... I'm prone to randomly shooting things sometimes and I hate that fucking starchild so I shot him and suddenly got that ending), then redid the last bit and did the destroy ending.

I've watched all endings on YouTube as extended cut. I also was watching some music vids for ME last week and came across one to Linkin Park's "In the End" - which ultimately sums up the frustrating thing (and summarizes the utter shit of any/all endings): "I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it doesn't even matter."

While the extended cut offers some nice scenes, and I do like the narration from EDI in the synthesis ending (makes me teary) and Hacket's in the destroy ending, ultimately we're left with a shit end. I haven't delved in-depth to the indoctrination theory, though I can understand that interpretation. God knows that's the more logical interpretation. But that's still shit. And really undervalues the otherwise rich story of the trilogy. The crap endings here I would better accept and expect from ME1 back when the story universe was being built, but was compelling, and the solely interesting character with some reasonable development was Wrex. ME2 and ME3 offers some awesome story building and character development. The NPCs in ME3 bring a heartbreaking view of the worlds. To write what all happens in ME3 as pure indoctrination or dream theory or whatever.... it's lazy as all hell.

My own interpretation isn't fully formed yet. In my most recent playthrough I got more angry and irritated about the illogical (and doubtful) appearance of Anderson on the Citadel. He doesn't sound right, for one thing, his presence doesn't make sense, and if Bioware did intend him to be real, work on his physical appearance FFS. Shepard's torn up and thus so should Anderson. If he's supposed to be real, then there was super lazy graphics happening.

I guess personally I don't easily buy into Shepard having succumbed. There's something unique about her(/him) and she's posed a real threat from the beginning. Perhaps she is like Saren, Benezia, and the Illusive Man - strong-willed, stubborn, unique - and she was falling... so I guess I'll accept that she's not invulnerable. But look at how those three fought through and proved that they were still in there somewhere. I do doubt the child was real - whether he symbolizes an indoctrination hallucination or is more simply a figure representing guilt for the shit choices Shepard's had to make, all the people she's lost along the way of ME as a whole, he's a symbol rather than a person. And I doubt Anderson is really present at the end, though it makes the confrontation with the Illusive Man confusing as hell.

Anyway, I think I'm resigned to the fact that I don't accept any ending options. Not overly upset or angry, despite my swearing above, but certainly not happy - and it does greatly impact how much I'm willing to spend for the game and DLC as a whole. (The DLC is ridiculously overpriced, jeebus. But I will consider getting the DLC legit for ME2 because it's an excellent game with great character development. I just miss Wrex. Cuz he's still my favorite from ME1.) As much as I want to get The Citadel DLC to play for myself (I've seen clips and read about it, sounds amazing!) I am not willing to try figuring out my scarce finances to pay for something adding onto a game that has some huge flaws that honestly? really do disrespect the fans.

*shrugs* Anyway. My thoughts :p (Prompted by reading a bit about the endings, people's reactions, and the adaptations that happened between the first release and extended cut.)


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Apr. 5th, 2016 09:09 pm (UTC)
To write what all happens in ME3 as pure indoctrination or dream theory or whatever.... it's lazy as all hell. YES THIS. Although apparently Patrick Weekes said that the ending was supposed to be shorthand. The writing team were so immersed in the story, and knew a TON of backstory that didn't remotely get into any of the three games and therefore the ending made sense to them. *siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* So much disappoint.
Apr. 5th, 2016 09:30 pm (UTC)
I figure that if I read too much into the behind-the-scenes and fan discussions, I'll just get frustrated and upset. Luckily I came late to the ME party, though my former roomie was on top of things. I saw the endings for all the games (to some extent, given how much I was surprised by in ME2) when she was replaying when ME3 came out. I remember watching a YT video with her with the different ME3 endings side by side - back when 90% of the difference was the color of the energy. 9_9
Apr. 5th, 2016 10:42 pm (UTC)
I've found the best way to look at the games is through the lens of comedy, otherwise I just get super frustrated with the direction it took. To that end, bean_bunny has a brilliant <a href="http://mspixel.blogspot.ie/2012_05_01_archive.html2>webcomic</a> that goes through the whole trilogy with seriously funny commentary. It's about the only one I follow. And yeeeeeeah. Bioware love their colour symbology :P Ever play Jade Empire? Lovely early Bioware game (same era as ME1) that ALSO has red/blue paths to the end. They like their colours.
Apr. 5th, 2016 11:15 pm (UTC)
I've seen some of bean_bunny's work recently - quite enjoyable.

I have Jade Empire and was very excited when it came through Origin free last year, though I haven't played it myself. I did watch TheRPGMinx's let's play of it, though. I think it was her launching LP when she switched to her new channel.

I entered the Bioware realm through DA Origins, actually, and I still love that game to pieces. Had started out playing it on my roomie's XBox and fell in love with it. Bought it on PC and have finished it twice there though I still haven't finished all the DLC. I have over 100 hours logged on it though. 9_9 I've played through much of DA2 but just wasn't feeling it so my character's sitting on the last arc of the story for a couple years now.

Wow, game feels. XD
Apr. 6th, 2016 11:39 am (UTC)
Sorry about the html!fail I should have been in bed :P

That's when I got JE. It's a fun one to play, although the whole red-choice-blue-choice business gets really old :P

I've started SO MANY DA:O games (so. very. many.) but I've only actually completed it once or twice. I keep getting annoyed with the Fade and Andraste's Ashes (although I could spend years in the Deep Roads, lol, I might be the only player who *likes* that part XD) I have so many annoyed save file names LOL. The only DLC I haven't finished is the Darkspawn Chronicles because Darkspawn. (Just checked. 416 hours O__O I did not think I'd played that much, but all those origins take so much time, lol)

I love DA2 but the identikit dungeons get so boring and repetitive. Although, did you finish Act 2 yet? With Leandra? I cry EVERY time (and I've played that much through at least ten times so it's not like it's a surprise). Act 3 is good, though there aren't as many feels. Do/did you play as a mage!Hawke?
Apr. 6th, 2016 01:46 pm (UTC)
Color-coded choices of DESTINY! (dramatic music)

I love DA:O to bits, though now I'm gonna miss that the player character doesn't speak. My roomie actually never got very far because she didn't like the battle system (she's always been more of a Halo person than say me, whose favorite RPGs til recently were late nineties Final Fantasy). And she was irked that the character didn't have a voice. If you have the game on PC, there's a very handy, nifty simple mod that minimizes the Fade to basically the story bits with the initial and final battles. It's either on Nexus Mods or ModDB. I don't recall... I got it years ago for when I replayed.

I know I got done with Act 2 but embarassingly I don't actually remember Leandra. I don't remember much of anything with that game besides the fact that I wasn't connecting with it and I liked Merril's voice. I played a mage, I'm sure, because if I remember, one of the other things that was irritating was that it was down to either being a warrior or mage. (I like the rogue class.) That, and after DAO I was really sad not to be able to choose my race. I get why you're only human in ME, but at least all the class choices and some variation in origins makes up for it.

Anyway, I'm totlly enjoying geeking out about this with you :D
Apr. 6th, 2016 02:50 pm (UTC)
Red Choice - Dischordant Dun dun DUNNNNN
Blue Choice - Upswell of Orchestra

I find I prefer DA:O's combat to DA2's (and I also prefer DAI's to 2's, even though they are almost exactly the same lol). I like that the character only has the few choice phrases and is otherwise silent, it makes it easier to imagine he or she having a very unique voice/accent. (It took me a long, long time to separate Alix Wilton Regan's Inquisitor voice with "that-girl-who-does-continuity-on-Sky1" and I still prefer Harry Hadden-Patton's Male British Inquis even though 99% of the fandom feels AWR did the better job of putting all the feels into the role)

I'll look out for that. I'm not much of a modder. Basically anytime there's a game that I love that I could mod, I don't, because I'm afraid I'll completely break it :P

No, there's a rogue class in DA2. I only play as rogues or occasionally mages (Warriors don't do it for me, for whatever reason). In the selection though the impression is that you can only play as a dual-knife-wielder, which looks JUST LIKE the Warrior, and that's just lazy design choices. Come on, Bioware. *wags finger*
And Merrill! Oh, Merrill, yes. I love M!Hawke's VA, too, so I can forgive a HUGE amount of flaws in the game for that, but yeah, I missed playing a Dwarf (that gets to go in the Fade! "Look AListair! We're in THE FADE!") but, weirdly, I still haven't got around to properly doing a Cadash in DAI.

It's been so long since I've had anyone to geek out with over Bioware and games in general that I'm just flailing happily as I sit in front of my computer. XD

Do feel free to tell me to shut up, if I'm waffling on too much :D
Apr. 6th, 2016 06:26 pm (UTC)
Some day I'll play DAI. I think I have a super hard time letting go of DAO given how much I fell in love with the characters.

It was seriously lucky with Mass Effect that I knew I'd really enjoy the characters in later games since ME had me feeling very meh about characters. Plot, great. Worlds/universe, great. Character development, nada. Benezia's death was the weakest thing I've seen in a long time. The most interesting characters for me were Wrex (adore him), the Rachni Queen, and Saren in the boss battles as he reveals his thought process and what he was trying to do. Also, Anderson - mostly because I adore Keith David's voice.

Characters' voices can sometimes really make an impact, that's for sure. But also distracting when you recognize them, lol. I fell in love with Saints Row 3 late last summer and loved the Russian-esque voice. The voices in that installment of the series actually had variation in personality, which I find totally awesome. Then I started playing SR4 and my favored voice wasn't there (boo) plus there's less variation. Maybe none. I'd have to investigate further. Instead, my "multiplayer" SR3 and then my SR4 character uses the voice I'm pretty much now always associated with Fiona from Tales from the Borderlands.

Anyway, back to Bioware. (BTW, sorry for any typoes. I woke up from a nap an hours ago but am having some major trouble typing.)

I enabled console commands in ME1 a few days ago to make it easy and pi to do a runthrough with a new character. Played Spacer/Hero Shepard (I remain partial to my Earth/Akuze background, though) and Engineer, 98% Paragon. I decided to do a different end choice and let the council die, as much as the dialogue about humanity being on top made my skin crawl. I'm now too far into my ME2 continuation to want to go back and replay, but I feel awful about my decision. I already forget the class i'm playing this round, it's one of the tech and bio combos. I miss my sniper rifle, though. :( I tried to start a romance with Jacob and then felt too skeevy and backed off. I need to recheck my romance options but I think I'll default back to Garrus again because I just don't click with the others XD (No love lost for Thane, Kelly bugs me in many ways though I'll flirt to get her to feed my fish, and Samara rubs me the wrong way most of the time.) Again, wish I could romance Tali or Jack as fem!Shep.

And now i'm off to play ME2. I am playing as much as possible this week. I have to return to work (teaching adults) next week but I still have a bit left of my vacation. I'm visiting my mom (or well, her house as she's out of town) and dog-sitting for the moment so I have minimal committments. (Hooray for escapism through video games!)
Apr. 6th, 2016 07:50 pm (UTC)
I really like DAI, but it is a time suck, so make sure you have a day or ten to spare when you go that route. (They made a couple of the maps to be time sucks, but I just meander around looking for ALL the sidequests which is my own fault, but I totally blame the game :P)

Benezia's death was a waste of Marina Sirtis. *glowers*
Wrex YES so much love for Wrex. Wrex is the best. I hate that the default ME2 and 3 have him dead on Virmire.

My first playthrough I played a soldier build and really wasn't that bothered. The first time I tried biotics it changed my life. (I love Slam, it's so funny watching the enemy fly up into the sky, lol).
Garrus is awesome ♥ (I thought Jack was a bi romance? Did not think she was straight, lol). Have you ever sacrificed Samara for her daughter (can't remember the name but a total renegade move)? It might be an ... interesting (read creepy and intense) romance, lol.

Have fun and give my love to the dog(gies) :)
Apr. 7th, 2016 12:30 am (UTC)
(I'm a wanderer for sidequests and completion to not quite the ocd degree.)

I'm currently on the Collector ship and just got advanced weapons training so I have my sniping back! XD I am a happy Shepard now. I've tended towards Reave as a bonus power in my recent playthroughs. Currently I'm a Sentinel for ME2, though I'm likely to change again in ME3. Nice to play around now.

Jack is so totally not straight but from what I recall she's only romanceable by m!Shep. (Weird, right?)

I cannot make myself exchange Morinth for Samara. I read up a bit on it because I was curious, but it weirds me out. (Morinth apparently assumes Samara's identity so no one but Shepard knows.) I can mix my choices but I am not able to play Renegade given how much of the choices end up being disturbing to my sense of morality, lol. (The extend of xenophobia often present in those choices... ugh.) I'm glad I put some points in renegade, though, since there's some very helpful interrupts that come up in time.

Alright, back to the game. :D I'm anxious to get back to ME3, actually. Quite a bit to get through for ME2 but I think I have my gameplan ready.
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