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Figured I'd drop in to let anyone watching know that I'm headed off on a road trip to see friends for the next week! I will be trying to write every now and again (trek_exchange comes due in a couple weeks, and there's Eureka fic to write as well) but mostly I shall be absent. Woohoo to being social! Appreciate your friends you get to see, okay? Especially if you think that you'll get sick of hanging around daily with some people. Man, it's a killer to suddenly be in a place where you don't see anybody.

So yes! Off to road trip @phiremangston, see @ohmnom in Michigan, then this weekend I get to go back to Iowa (yes I'm excited!) to stay with @hidama for a few days, and hopefully see "Lone Wolf" (@blood4lonewolf) too before I come back home next Tuesday.

Ta, all! =D


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Jul. 20th, 2009 04:21 pm (UTC)
good luck! and enjoy yourself
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