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Fic-writing and writer's block

I think I've figured out why I don't have the gut-reaction to write fic for Cap: Civil War. It's not a film where I'd just want to slap a tag fic onto it, or some continuation, or even a small re-write at the end. There's too much of the film I'd want changed, it's a massive train-wreck in Tony characterization/motivation (and Zemo) as I talked about in my initial reaction post.

On the other hand, when it came to Age of Ultron, where I do have some major issues with some plot elements, it's a film I could mostly take on faith and feel comfortable tagging onto with writing. (Though Barton Family Farm doesn't gel with my accepted headcanon.)

I've been trying to sort out some ideas throughout this past week for writing. I have in-progress stories to be writing, of course. (So close to finishing my female Toni Stark multichapter fic.) Nothing's really grabbed hold of me and begged to be written, though. I wish my thoughts would come together enough to figure out something that could mesh elements of IM3, Age of Ultron, and maybe Civil War together since those are the films that muck with my headcanon the most. Things aren't falling in line, though.

I am thinking about an MCU timeline wherein Tony's not publicly known as Iron Man, though folks associated with the Avengers Initiative know. I'm hoping that having a element like that might spark some ideas. I also looked back at the large collection of quotes I collected for inspiration with my post-AoU idea I had last year.

Part of the complications I'm having right now is the struggle I have with balancing my Tony Feelings with the desire to not portray him to my readers as a victim. The difficult thing that comes up with a lot of guilt-wrecked, self-doubting Tony fics I read (and hey, I love 'em) is that almost all his flaws are explained away and others not handling that are somehow the bad guys and need to be the ones to change. So I'm kind of obsessing at the moment to find an approach that hits on my Tony Feels (and all that guilt and low self-esteem and my Howard hate) but doesn't forgive all his flaws, either.

Anyway. Just a post about thoughts of fic writing. I'd really like to get back into the habit. I've signed up for a solo run of marvel_bang. If anyone has ideas or would like to bounce around ideas, well, that'd be awesome.