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Fic planning

I signed up for (solo) Marvel Bang and also submitted my name for 5K+ story for WinterIron Bang on tumblr. I'm hoping I can complete one of those. I don't really have anyone to babble at about fic ideas, though. (Maybe I'm also still a little discouraged by the fact that I can't seem to finish up my Starring Role/female Toni fic despite having most of it written.)

I've got a couple ideas right now. There's still my post-AoU full of messed-up Tony fic... and then I've got a Winter Soldier breaks ties from Hydra earlier, and MCU events are set earlier, say the 90s. In that latter idea, while James is wandering and trying to figure out his identity, I kinda want him to cross paths with Xavier and the X-Men. (Anxiously awaiting going to see XM Apocalypse!)

IDEK. It's been a week where I've been super tired and I still feel loopy. Thankfully, tonight and tomorrow are my last days as cashier at Cub. (Fuck that job.)