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{Poem} Adventure! // (written in 1997))

Sorted through a bin of (mostly) my childhood artwork. Also several of my very early stories. (Like back from a time I couldn’t spell “what” and instead wrote it as “wate”.) I also had to grin when I found some of my mom’s very feminist materials including fun comics, the occassional photocopied article, and stationary from the Seneca Camp.

There was also, however, a very slim folder labeled 1997 and I found a poem I wrote. I actually quite like it, so I wanted to share.

Across the vast horizon,
Across the desert sand,
The smell of adventure lives through the land.
So into her ship the warrior goes,
Seeks a fight but receives a prize,
The prize of adventure,
There was a myth that led her there,
Close to sea but far from land,
In a cave on the island,
She found a passage leading down,
Adventure filled her nose and down she went,
There she found the sea looking at her.
In all her life she’d never seen,
A place like this before.
Slowly and softly the sea crept in the cave
The time had come, she must get out!
But a call of adventure reached her ears,
And through a tunnel she ran,
The water chasing her all the way.
In the end it got its say.
Down she went,
But who could tell?
Is she alive today?