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Marvel MCU writing trials/warm-ups

I've got plenty of writing ideas but have been in a slump in terms of actually getting story down on paper (or computer screen). So! Chatting with bluesheets today and mentioning that I've been going over and over my Pinterest project board, she suggested I take a pin and write (at least) three sentences for it. This worked amazingly well! Below the cut are short (sometimes very short) writing trials, seven of them, based on pins that I linked as best I could.

Some of the prompts were really awesome artwork, so be sure to click through. All of these are/will be posted on my tumblr, too.

1: Natasha - no strings
Natasha dreams of falling. Not like Iron Man had from the alien portal, but from a stage. Strings cut, turning liquid and arterial blood red as it trails behind her and she goes down, down, down.

2: not the boss
Tony isn't the boss, doesn't necessarily mind not being The One, either. The problem is that everyone seems to forget that fact when things go wrong. Tony slumps back in his chair, rubbing his eyes and letting out a deep sigh. Sitting on his desk lies the first completed draft of the Sokovia Accords. The others aren't going to like this.

3: I want it to be...
James isn't convinced Stark's paying him any attention. Rather, he doesn't think the guy's aware of anything else except the metal arm. A little irritated (he won't admit to being unnerved), James starts listing potential changes or additions for the arm. His first impression seems right, given that Stark keeps saying "OK" after every suggestion.

Exasperated, James throws out, "And LED lights that change colors and shit." Stark responds with his stock reply. James rolls his eyes. "That was a joke."

Stark's eyes remain on his work, but his eyebrow arches. "Oh." Does he sound a little disappointed?

James narrows his eyes, scrutinizing Stark. "Wait. Can you do that?"

Stark looks up at him for the first time since he started working on the arm. He looks amused, eyes seeming to twinkle as a smirk crosses his lips. "What colors and are we going for a pattern here?"

James stares back, dumbfounded. He's not sure what his stumbled reply is, but as Stark sets back to work, he's suddenly talking and James begins to relax.

4: these words are knives (full lyrics)
"You're not good enough." It's not said with those exact words, but Tony can hear it in the tone, see it in Steve's expression as he says, "He's my best friend." There's more words, like "It's too soon" and "I worry about him." But even with time, Tony knows he'll hear the underlying sentiment again. "You're not good enough."

Tony won't tell James about the confrontation. He does need to isolate himself for a few hours to check his composure. James, like Natasha, has an uncanny ability to read beyond the masks people wear.

additional follow-up
bluesheets: I will headcanon that he is firmly defended to himself by james some time later xD
enmuse: YES. Steve probably doesn't even think about how he's coming across 9_9
Natasha's gonna smack him upside the head. And Bucky's gonna be pissed about not being allowed to make his own decisions.Bruce will frown a lot. Clint will sigh and try to pick up the pieces as everyone sulks around or radiates anger for a while.

5: in your head... (full lyrics)
Tony's dreams aren't always about the unconquerable vastness of space or alien-filled skies. He still has dreams of scrambling for the door of a Hum-Vee as sand explodes outside and armor-piercing rounds penetrate first flesh and then vehicle walls. He watches the jerking body of soldiers hit, caught unexpected, but nothing touches him.

6: my world will never be the same (full lyrics)
"You embody everything exciting about the future. You led me forward from my past. You waited for me, understanding I hadn't found myself yet." James heaved a deep breath, like it had cost him a great deal to admit that. "That's why, Tony," he finished quietly.

7: morning hugs
Steve looks entirely too amused when James passes him in the hall. Clint offers a salacious wink. James pauses outside the kitchen entryway to allow Natasha and Bruce to pass by, casting them a suspicious look when they bend their heads together and giggle. When he gets into the kitchen, he first notices Thor contemplating the refrigerator's contents with an intense gaze. The demigod is the only one to ignore James so far. Then he sees the top of Tony's sleep-tousled hair as he bends over a steaming mug of coffee.

James rounds the counter, making just enough noise so as not to startle his lover. As he wraps his arms around Tony he notes that the man's shirt is awfully large. Tony gives a happy sigh as he leans back, bringing his head to lean against James' shoulder. With a better view of the shirt, he understands why the others were amused. Grinning, James nudges his cheek against Tony's as he asks, "Are you wearing my shirt?"

Tony hums, sounding pleased. "Maybe..."

James tightens his embrace gently for a moment, burying his contented smile against Tony's neck. Then he has to run his fingers lower for a moment, caught between amusement and muted horror. "Are you wearing anything else?" he demands quietly.

Tony lifts his head enough to take a drink from his mug, it doesn't hide his smirk. "Maybe... not."

James pinches Tony's side, ignoring the indignant yelp, and glances over at Thor, who returns his gaze with a grin.