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I legitimately don’t get how anyone with a lick of sense or common decency can possibly support Trump.

I know with near certainty that no one who follows my tumblr/et al. supports Trump, but I’m at the point where if I find out someone I know and who supposedly cares about me supports Trump and knows about his sexist, racist, Islamaphobic, xenophobic statements and belief… Get the fuck out.

I’ve watched a lot of Colbert, Trevor Noah (and the Daily Show crew - they’re fucking awesome), and now adding Samantha Bee and a bit of Seth Meyers to the mix. Because I have to fucking laugh or I will scream.

Most mornings at my office before class, the three of us keep returning to the fact that each of us legitimately will probably need to leave the country if Trump wins, at the very least to save our sanity.

I’m white and a born citizen, I definitely have advantage and privilege. But I still feel very personally attacked by the hatemongering bullshit ignorance spewed from Trump’s camp, the very heart of everything. I fear for myself as a woman, as a young adult skirting a bit above the poverty line, as a hopeful future parent, as an educator, as a person whose job is immersed in immigrant communities, as a resident of the Twin Cities which is hugely diverse, as a queer woman, and as a person with significant health issues.

The people I love and support and get up every weekday morning to teach are in significant jeopardy and it makes me so angry and hurt and exhausted and fearful. I’ve gotten stronger in defending myself over the years, but those who know me well know that the way to really get me fired up is to threaten the people I consider under my care. I’m not likely to punch someone for the sake of myself, but I damn well would to protect my family, my friends, my students.

So real talk - the U.S. is exclusively a two-party system when it comes to the presidential election. Quite honestly, if you vote third party this election is as bad as not voting. This election is going to be fucking close, whichever way it goes, and You Need To Vote. If you care about women, families, people of color, anyone part of the LGBTQA+ community, people of any faith - you need to vote Hillary Clinton. If you don’t like her as a person, fine. If you need to think of it as voting for the lesser of two evils, fine. I don’t really care how you frame it. But do not fucking help elect Trump.


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Sep. 30th, 2016 07:15 am (UTC)

Any vote not given Hillary gets Trump closer to winning.
Sep. 30th, 2016 03:50 pm (UTC)
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