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Snippet from NaNo project

I'm posting updates and the occasional snippet for my project on my Tumblr, but also wanted to give a little exposure to it here as well.

I'm freaking the fuck out over election stuff and need some positive things posted right now.

Have what’s my favorite scene from Choices Seal Our Fate. It’s a single scene I wrote last year (when the image came to me) rather than the project’s main year in 2014.

Crowley looks bored while he waits for Sam to double and triple check their surroundings. Sam doesn't let it bother him, he wants to make sure no one is lingering in this part of the yard to interrupt.

"Coast clear?" the demon stage whispers when Sam finally turns to face him.

"Can you not—" make this any more difficult than it already is? Sam means to finish before he realizes the demon won't care. He heaves a sigh and braces himself. He looks Crowley in the eye before he starts speaking again. The demon arches an eyebrow with an expression of haughtiness, but Sam's been around him long enough to detect genuine curiosity.

"Look, I... I need to make a deal," Sam says. He swallows hard and presses on. The demon's eyes widen in momentary surprise. "This whole mess... I know it's going to be a disaster. I know I have to be there and Dean will too, but I don't want Jo there. I want you to ensure she stays away from the battle." He takes a deep breath and admits, "I need to know she's safe."

Crowley says nothing for a long while. Red-tinted eyes stare hard at Sam, the demon's expression shuttered. Sam does his best not to fidget but can't help averting his gaze to break the unnerving eye contact.

It feels like he waits hours for Crowley to respond. Eventually the demon steps closer, catching the hunter's gaze again.

"Use specifics, 'else you're apt to contract unwelcome surprises," Crowley warns in a low voice.

Sam nods, feeling a little numb. "I want Jo to be alive and safe come the end of this apocalypse. I want her far away and safe from the confrontation between Lucifer and Michael."

When he says nothing more, the demon moves even closer, bringing the toes of their shoes nearly together. Sam leans in instinctively, lips slightly parted as Crowley raises his hands. Sam's hands find their way to the demon's waist as Crowley settles his thumbs firmly at the edge of Sam's jaw.

The hunter closes his eyes and inhales sharply at the realization that he is really going through with a crossroads deal. He had so determinedly been set against this when Crowley first appeared in his life. He leans closer, ready for their lips to meet and seal the Deal. He can feel Crowley's breath against his lips, and Sam just wnats to finish this before his nerves get the better of him. He wants to be sure Jo's protected. He just wants to be able to save someone.

Crowley's firm grip keeps Sam from moving any closer. The hunter blinks his eyes open as they stand frozen, bare inches from sealing the Deal. Crowley's eyes, fire red, stare back at him. A moment later, the demon turns his face and yanks Sam close. His lips brush the faintest kiss along Sam's cheek.

"You're not a very good businessman," Crowley murmurs beside Sam's ear. "Never offer to pay for something already in the bargain." The demon presses a brief, intense kiss to the corner of Sam's mouth. A moment later he releases his hold on Sam and steps away. His expression is hard to read as he fixes a firm glare on the hunter. "Keep your soul, Moose."

With that, Crowley vanishes, and Sam is left staring blankly at a rusted junker. Something in his chest feels tight. He can't tell if the heat in his face is from potential tears or the faintest hint of arousal.