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On a positive note

Thank you friends for your support and cyber hugs. It means the world to me. I know I'm not good at reciprocating as I don't tend to catch up on my flist posts, but know that I care for you greatly.

Since I mix my posts on tumblr with distractions and humor and positive things, I figured I needed something happier over here, too.

I'm working on National Novel Writing Month as usual, though it's a struggle. I decided, though, that I'm going to have an additional motivator to keep me going. Instead of a NaNo winner shirt this year (I'm not particularly fond of the design), if I finish I'll find a new Supernatural t-shirt. Possibly a Crowley one... or track down a second copy of one of my favorites I already own - the Harvelle Roadhouse or Singer's Salvage shirt. Both were bought when I was a little smaller and being in an apartment building, well, our washers/dryers don't always have the best track record with maintaining the quality of clothing.

Now I better go boot up my Write-or-Die program and work on getting my word count back up to speed.